Eternally Crimson

He was restless tonight
His feet glided in the snow as he zigzagged across the woods
His eyes searched, a maddening gleam scaring anything that came across his path
He let out a snarl and ripped apart a deer that stood in his way
His teeth glistened like the moon above
Madness, her words echoed

Tonight when darkness called upon him, he answered
There was a stillness in the air, the forest two shades darker
The snow covered in a red blanket
A heavy heart and vengeful thoughts
For he had lost what he treasured most
Madness, her words echoed

He was as cold as the snow, as fierce as the cyclone
He was ruthless and feared, he was destruction and a havoc
He was the last goodbye and the kiss of death
He was eternal, forever trapped
She found him
Madness, her words echoed

Her bloody and disfigured body, forever etched across his mind
He let out a howl, he felt the ground move beneath his paws
he heard the leaves rustle and the trees cower
Tonight the town will bleed red, he vowed
His watcher was gone, his ageless defiant ‘Raven’ was gone
Madness, her word echoed

She was the escape he needed, the semblance he craved for, the sanity he never had
She was the calm and the warmth, she was his heart
She warned him of his madness and his thirst for blood
They came for her and took his world
His eyes hollow and empty, had a distant look
Madness, her words echoed

Another howl thundered across the forest, the world stopped
His madness unleashed tonight, he decided to be a riot
The river transformed to crimson, chilling screams echoed from afar
The winds laden with the smell of copper, unsettled and lost
His silhouette shadow disappeared in to the darkness,
Forever, will the world remember his wrath.
Madness, her words echoed

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