Pil Sung

As your own voice drowns out
Under the noise of the world
Pushing and pulling you to
Become one of them remember
It’s okay to shut your eyes and ears

There are rare who walk this earth
Figuring their path to that one voice
Their ‘unique calling’ only they know
Listen to that distant sound and find
You weren’t meant to be just a crowd

When people pull you down to rise
Remember you’re braver and stronger
Than those who belittle to show power
For true strength lies in standing up
And facing adversaries with a smile

On days when self doubts roar inside
Know this that the world waits for you
Not everybody is meant to travel
Mountains and find solace in silence
On peaceful nights under starry skies

On nights when dreams seem far and
Future uncertain remember you aren’t
Defined by people’s inability to see you
You aren’t just bones and mere skin
You are the guardian of your universe

Stand up and look the world in the eye
Even when you stumble and fall down
Believe in yourself to dust off failure
If you still feel lost as the sun sets
Trust the words here for they never lie

Note: This one goes out to a friend ūüôā
For those who maybe unaware, ‘Pil Sung’ is a Korean word used in Marital Arts and roughly translates to ‘rising in face of challenges no matter how difficult’

A place called home

There is a restless feeling under my skin
An itch that makes me want to claw till
I bleed raw and find what’s hiding within
A void I walk around with pulling me down
With its weight and hollowness that gnaws
In search of peace I have traveled worlds
A place I could call home to be myself
Where I could read and scribble freely
A sanctuary that blankets me in its arms
Letting me ramble on eccentric issues
That warmth which would make me smile
And forget the burdens of the world not
Just a roof to live under but a heart that
Will reach out and pick mine apart rightly
Enough strength to share the weight of
The world to succeed and survive madness
But between chattering crowds and houses
The emptiness inside grows as I fail to
Find what could be my “Querencia

Note: Querencia is a place from which one’s strength is drawn, where one feels at home; the place where you’re your most authentic self.


As the sky turned grey then black
I eagerly looked up for the rain to
Take over the earth in its charm as
A child who has a contagious smile
On his face at his first play land trip
The rain made me feel the same way
And each time, I mused to myself
The same intensity and happiness
Find its way erasing my worries albeit
Temporarily as I let the chilly winds
Sink in to my bones and petrichor
Take over my senses wrapping me
In a surreal desire for a profound
Need of dreams to find their way
As always this fresh scent leaves me
Unnerved and wanting more almost
Like a past wound which refuses to
Heal no matter how much I tend to it
Simultaneously I feel happy and sad
Knowing it soothes me and is reminder
Of freedom I leisurely take for granted
And as it dissipates into layers that
Invisibly float around me it teaches me
How fleeting is what I hold so dear

Raise your voice

Raise your voice
For it wasn’t your fault love
When he pushed you
Hurling down the stairs

Raise your voice
For it wasn’t your fault love
When he locked the door
And muffled your sound

Raise your voice
For it wasn’t your fault love
When he threw you
And broke your bones

Raise your voice
For it wasn’t your fault love
When he took your innocence
Without any regrets

Raise your voice
For it wasn’t your fault love
When he walked out the door
Leaving you in puddle of blood

Raise your voice
For it wasn’t your fault love
Because he was an animal
Disguised in clothes

Raise your voice
For it wasn’t your fault love
Remember you’re beautiful
In an ugly world

Raise your voice
For it wasn’t your fault love
You’re beautiful and worthy
Of the best things in life

Raise your voice
For it wasn’t your fault love
You stood and fought bravely
And chose to live

Raise your voice
For it wasn’t your fault love
your soul and heart shine
In darkest of times

Raise your voice
For it wasn’t your fault love
You broke the silence ensuring
Many were protected

Raise your voice
For “it wasn’t my¬†fault love”
Repeat honey, over and over
Till you believe

To be a Tree

Some days I wish I was a tree
A thick long poised stretch
From the earth to the heavens
So gracefully and steadily holding
Its ground luxuriously spreading
Its thick lustrous roots within the
Length and depths of the earth
They share a lasting love that’s
Talked about in books all over
From sandstorms to thunder both
Are eternal strength to each other
As the tree grows branching out
In all directions it’s decorated by
Feather light leaves in rich thick
Shades of greens and designs that
Nature creates from its own hands
So mesmerizing to look at that one
Stops to watch in wonder and awe
As weather and winds changes it
Adapts efficiently and effortlessly
Like an expert sailor adjusting sails
From shedding of the adornments
Storing a well inside for dusty days
It sway gently like classic piano notes
Until it can blossom its way coloring
the beloved wings in flirtatious hues
Spreading smiles and little rainbows till
The day it bleed by hands of those who
Tears apart the lovers from each other
In name of freedom and hope

If I could

If I could I would travel from
One book to another and watch
My favourite stories unfold in
Front of my eyes while I get drunk
On the enchanting scent of words
I would spend nights hiding in the
Most interesting chapters and observe
In delight how the characters coped
With changes and unexpected events
Of their life hoping to learn the same
I’ll pick magical words and weave
Dreams that I’ll wear before sleeping
So I’d know what it feels to wake up
With a smile and giggle with delight
I’ll crawl between paragraphs curling
Into a ball so I could hide from the world
I would sleep between blanket of words
Spilled on a pages protected from all
Harms and heart breaks that humans
So viciously cause in name of humanity
I’ll dissolve my very essence in to the
Half erased pages till I can find home

Giving up

Each day feels like a battle ground
Where you fight against yourself
Past mistakes try to tackle you down
The uncertain present blinds you to
Any successful road which lies ahead
You shake your head to clear thoughts
From taking over any sanity that’s left
While self doubts tighten the noose
The temptation to give in is alluring for
You as you lay down exhausted from
Bruises life has decorated on your body
On each turning of the road to every
Bridge you have crossed alone there
Have been barriers and traps set to
Make you give up and let the hollow
Demons take over to put an end to
The perennial chase game life created
You close your eyes and try to breathe
Choking when you fail to remember the
Last time your life had gone right and
A heavy realization fills you up entirely
You’ve run out of strength and hope
To keep resisting and so you let the
Demons devour you in a timeless
Sphere waiting for the clock to stop

I wait

You’re the first thought I still have
The last one I close my eyes with
The one that occupies my personal
Space as shadow refusing to go away
I pretend to go about with my life
Each day struggling to shut you out
My failures mocking me on how I
Lost what meant so much to me
Why did I make you permanent
When all this time all I was a thing
A temporary trophy you got bored of
Discarded when you got tired of it
Asking for more than it deserved
Even then I wait counting days for
The knock on the door, that one call
That text that never comes hoping
You’ll find your way back knowing
You took my heart when you walked
Away and I need it back like the trees
Need the air and the water to survive
I breathe slower and wither bit by bit
Silly girl, my mind tuts and frowns at
My inability to let go of what’s never
Coming back

Unsaid words

Between laughter and words we exchange
The many smiles and jokes we share
Do you hear the words I can’t vocalize?
For every ten words I say, fifty I swallow
For every fake smile that I plaster on
I wince and dislike myself a little more
Knitting this life of lies each day and
The facade to maintain around friends
Takes a little something from me in ways
Like old walls crumbling off brick by brick
I lose my ability to talk mostly now but I
Wonder if you feel what my silence says?
For it’s not what I say that’s important
Rather what I can’t find the strength to
The invisible plea to be understood within
The crowds and madness that surrounds
Is louder than the wars between clouds
On days when thunderstorms swallows
Nations just because it has the power to
You know I play my part on the stage of life
But I hope you see beyond the appearance
There is a lot to be said but I cherish stillness
Because my silence speaks the truth that
Wont ever make way to my lips so I wait for
A sign to read what your eyes have to say

Eclipse fun

She leans forward to whisper in his ear
“Let’s go and have some fun” His¬†eyes
Meet hers and they share a smile that
Only they both understand.  Their smile
They walk away from the pool party that
Neither of them is interested in anymore
They find an empty place away from life
His eyes take a deeper and colder shine
She looks up at him¬†to say what she can’t
Vocalize they were one and the same
They both pick on the stillness in the air
The alluring scent of crimson calls them
“Its time” he murmurs against her lips
Their hands cold enough to freeze hell
They sprint and laugh circling the girl
Silly humans she muses and disgust beats
In her heart on frailty of living beings
The girl shivers and quickens her pace
The temperature seems to have dropped
As the forest cowers away in fear and awe
The blue moon hides behind the clouds
Watching the game of life and death
Rarely such a display of power is seen
They snarl in unison tightening the trap
Tonight nature will witness a sight that
Will be imprinted on air perpetually