Let’s talk

Talk to me
About your favourite book
About how you feel when
Your dearest character is killed

Talk to me
About the food you savour
About that one dish
You can’t resist even on a full stomach

Talk to me
About that annoying neighbour
About his loud television which makes
You want to scream

Talk to me
About what makes you cry
About the silliest things
You want to try

Talk to me
About your 2.am demons and nightmares
About your hopes and fears that
You hide from the world

Talk to me
About things you can’t stand
About wishes you make when
You gaze at stars

Talk to me
About who you’re
About what it’s like beneath the mask
You wear all the time

But..Don’t talk to me
With the mask you wear
With the fake smile you hold
With the gaze that wanders away

Talk to me
When you can look me in the eye
And show me the world
That you hide


12 thoughts on “Let’s talk

  1. This is beautiful… It’s like I was reading my own thoughts, though I subconsciously never knew I felt this way. Odd. But, thanks for sharing this! It’s deep (though I don’t like using the word, it’s the only one that seems apt). 🙂

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      1. We can only try to make people understand, Swati (I hope I got the name right?). It’s sad that honesty is frowned upon and people would rather just keep pretending. I don’t know how to do that.

        Liked by 1 person

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