Blue Hydrangeas

Blue Hydrangeas captivate me
I can’t explain why but
Fascinated by their colour
I desire to reach out to grasp them
Just as much as I want to hold
The world in my hands
The pull is too strong to resist
They remind me of cotton candies
Which I ate as a child
And how I would look up at the sky
And wonder who was up there
And why won’t he answer
And a smile would dance upon my lips
Cause I’d find a dragon and
I’ll know he was there
Shades of blue the hydrangeas holds
So perfect like my mum’s smile
Which greets me everyday
And makes me forget the world
Even if for a little while
The dainty star shaped petals
Huddled together conspiring
Against the demons
Spreading their shine like a blanket
Of stars at midnight
Which I can gaze at forever
And share my secrets with and they
Will twinkle back promising to
Hold my words in their hearts


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