Hide and Seek

I told him my favorite childhood game
He looked at me with a smirk
And I melted in his smoldering gaze
He knew he’d won my heart
Now we play it all the time
I hide as he seeks and nobody knows
In bars, in pubs, in crowds,
Between friends and sunsets
We look at each other from across
and I’d bite my lip as I lick off
the last drop of wine from the glass
Like a predator devouring his hunt
His eyes breathe in my movements
Waiting patiently to claim his prey
A shiver runs down my spine
I turn to listen to our friend
And he laughs on a joke she made
His eyes find mine again
And I can’t look away from them
A smile passes between us
Our secret travels without words
Hidden beneath the clothes
We are marked to each other


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