The rain that never came

He watches from afar
Her eyes look alive today
As she hums and prepares her tea
Strong and no sugar, please
Her words find way to his lips
He feels a slight pang in his heart
but forces himself back to the present
He watches in disbelief and awe
As she glides across her room
He smiles and knows the reason
It’s raining! Lets go out!
Come on, for me?
Above the clouds rumble
Her laughter rings in his eyes
His heart stops for a minute
And his hand frantically reach out
As an apology escapes his lips
But he had pushed her too far
His vision blurs with regrets
The grey blanket above dissolves
And the sun comes out
Mocking him of his mistakes
The sun makes me sad
Even the weather was punishing him
A defeated sigh escapes his lips
He needed to see her smile
Without you there will be no rain
His eyes find her again in distance
A forlorn expression on her face
The tea cup forgotten on the windowpane
She waits for the rain that never came


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