En Amoureux

They walk in to the hall together
As they part ways to greet guests
A smile is shared when their hands touch
Barely noticeable to the common eyes
The hidden intimacy dances between them
A spark which holds them in place
She knows he is watching her laugh
Her white gown elegantly shows off
Her shape in just the right places
A simple diamond chain adorns her neckline
which he had gifted her an hour ago
As his lips had traced her freckled skin
marking his territory as he always did
He wants to take her away from here
They want to steal her away from him
In ways he didn’t like but she was his
A low growl escapes his throat
Just like all the other times before
She turns to hold his gaze till
He calms down and slightly nods
From across the hall a silent observer
Watches in envy and awe
Wondering if they realize the power
They both exuded together, the magic
Which surrounds them and the ease
With which they keep gravitating towards
Each other, as pieces of puzzle


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