Not Ordinary

You think you know her enough
To see through her countless masks
Which she wears unless she is alone
But you’re just like everybody else
Who have told her the same words
Hollow and meaningless to her now
And you’re just another number she
Will add to her list of people who
Failed to see her as a who she was
Confined by your shackled imagination
Of normalcy as defined by the world
You simply make her up in the head
As what you would like her to be
Understanding her means letting go
Of certainty and dancing with demons
She pushes you, makes you question
Changing your perspective to things
Why make so much of an effort for
One person so you will form a bubble
She smiles ruefully knowing it’s a
Matter of time; sooner than later this
Facade of goodness you carry around
Her will start to show the cracks of lies
You have built but she lets you play
Letting you assume you know her like
All who came before you and watches
Time ticking away slowly counting days
Till you realize you aren’t strong enough
Quietly she will let you go with a smile
Leaving behind traces of herself that
Will Sink into your skin to your bones
Unsettling you and all you thought that
You desperately needed to believe in
A blanket of regret will envelope you
Wishing you could turn back time


13 thoughts on “Not Ordinary

  1. “A blanket of regret will envelope you
    Wishing you could turn back time”
    My favourite lines. Tough choice though.

    I think it’s amazing how you are constantly coming up with such emotion-provoking, relatable and beautiful pieces.

    Liked by 1 person

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