The first kiss

She looks up at him with a fixed gaze
Her hands reach up to touch his face
Ever so slowly her fingers trace every
Freckle on his skin as if memorizing the
Patterns in a safe place of her mind

He looks down at her with a mischievous
Smile playing on his face and takes a
Long deep breathe as her delicate fingers
Explore his features with so much
Adoration that his heart seems to stop

She feels his eyes devouring her body
Perfect hue of red spreads over her cheeks
Her knees go weak and he grab her hands
Pulling her closer to him swiftly and firmly
His arms around her keep her from falling

He is pleasantly amused by the impact
He has on her while still trying to wrap
His head around the fact that she was his
So petite and fragile as a porcelain doll
Her eyes mesmerize him in her world

She keeps her hands on his chest and
Feels the warmth spread through her
Her heart beat drumming in her ears
As he leans down and ever so softly
His lips graze her ear, “Mine” he whispers

He feels her shiver against him and
As to seal his words, his lips swiftly
Find hers and the world goes still
She tastes like cinnamon and vanilla
The midnight moon and a fairy tale

She feels the world going still as
his lips remind her of her favorite
Childhood dream and how sky filled
With fireworks made her heart dance
A hopeful smile dances on her lips


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