Silent promises

She sits down next to him on the bench
They both quietly watch the leaves falling
Of the tree like shedding its burdens away
Unaware of the cold breeze around her
Her hands play with invisible specks
On her worn out favorite leather jeans
She feels the cold dissipate suddenly and
She knows he has moved closer to her
Without a word exchanged in the stillness
A supportive arm wraps itself around her
And she breaks down reminding him of
A ship without its captain which has lost
The only map to its destination somewhere
His heart feels like the building which
Has just been demolished forever
He slowly tightens his arms around her
Pulling her closer and quickly blinks
Away his tears knowing this wasn’t
The right time for him to speak out
He feels her moving closer to him as if
She wasn’t ready to face the world yet
He murmurs promises of finding him
To get her the answers she deserved
As his shirt absorbs her sobs and sorrows
He vows nobody will ever hurt her again


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