The empty space

What is love? The question I fail at
Perhaps I don’t want to know anymore
The things people do in name of love
Leave me more in pain than peace
Is it what a mother feels when she
Holds her new born for the first time?
Or is it when she puts him to sleep
Forever to end his perpetual pain?
Is it in the eyes of the man who takes
His bride home for the first time?
Or is it how he raises his hand at her
When another man touches her?
Is it defined by a boy choosing to
Stay back home over his ambitions?
Or is it when he drops them off
To old house promising his return?
Is it when a girl runs away with a guy
Because nobody understood them?
Or is it when she never shows up at
Midnight choosing her parents?
Is it when a father hugs his daughter
Letting his shirt soak in her tears?
Or is it when he teaches those men
A life lesson draped in crimson?
The shrill voice of a baby crying
In near distance helps stop my
chain of thoughts from going where
They always seem to eventually get lost
In that dark empty alley reminding me
That whatever shade love may take
It’s not meant for all


6 thoughts on “The empty space

  1. Loved the lesson — no matter whatever form love presents itself in, sometimes it’s not meant for all and one person possibly can’t receive it through all forms. However, every person will be loved at least in some way! Without love, I don’t see this world’s existence.
    Always good reading your thoughts.

    Liked by 1 person

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