Chocolate therapy

As I take my favorite chocolate in my mouth
I close my eyes to savor the feel of it completely
I inhale and exhale letting go of all my worries
Surroundings and all my thoughts that are with it
The texture feels a little hard against my tongue
Deciding that to relish the feel and taste of it
It has to be softened up before I take another bite
As I roll my tongue around it the first layer of bitter
Sweet memories melt away from my tongue to
My throat enveloping me in a place far from here
The tinge of orange in sweetness tantalizes me to
Keep devouring this little devil I hold in my hands
Even when the first piece melts away spreading
Its wings and claiming my heart and soul to itself
I hold the second one in my palm to warm it up
For the adventures that await it on its way next
It smells like there is a fudge fragrance hidden in
At the core of what I hold very delicately to myself
Excited to find out the secrets I’d bite on the second
Piece I lick my lips in pure delight with discovering
Very tiny pieces of crunchy silver lightening up inside
In the waves of vinegary layers perfecting the taste
The best way to spend the weekend I muse to myself
As I stroke off the last remains from my fingers

Note: Yes, I miss Lindt Intense Orange terribly!


10 thoughts on “Chocolate therapy

  1. I have never read such a thing on having a chocolate! Applause for you !! Well, having a chocolate is a therapy for me too 😉 however, you are right calling it “little devil”. It connects with you like a devil and you savour it like a lover. That’s a woman’s take on chocolate. .

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