I want

I want to read out my favorite books
To you on cold winter nights as we sit
Cuddled together on the blue loveseat
I want to travel to the quietest places
And highest snow mountains to find
The perfect spot where I can read you
Neruda’s ‘everyday you play’ and watch
You as the impact of words sinks in
I want to introduce you to my world of
Words reigned by likes of Neruda, Sexton
And Nabokov hoping you’d stay
I want you to understand that on days
When I feel like Plath I tend to go away
Somewhere but I will come back home
I want you to know that I will support
You in all that you believe and hope for
I want to look in to your soul and let you
Know I have faith for the two of us
I want you to kiss me like I’m your
Favourite fairy tale and I’ll make you
My favourite book whose words I shall
Read every night till sleep takes over
I want to write about you until my hands
Hurt and are stained in ink so that you
May hold them and kiss the fingertips
To drink the pain away and heal them
I want to carve my words on your skin
To let the world know you’re only mine
I want us to write our story together
Words and paragraphs with pauses and
Commas capturing moments perfectly
For one day our children can learn
The secret world we decorated together


32 thoughts on “I want

    1. I’m always so delightfully surprised when people compliment my writings lol it’s always a struggle to accept that I could write well. Thank-you, really. Means a lot ❤


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