Unsaid words

Between laughter and words we exchange
The many smiles and jokes we share
Do you hear the words I can’t vocalize?
For every ten words I say, fifty I swallow
For every fake smile that I plaster on
I wince and dislike myself a little more
Knitting this life of lies each day and
The facade to maintain around friends
Takes a little something from me in ways
Like old walls crumbling off brick by brick
I lose my ability to talk mostly now but I
Wonder if you feel what my silence says?
For it’s not what I say that’s important
Rather what I can’t find the strength to
The invisible plea to be understood within
The crowds and madness that surrounds
Is louder than the wars between clouds
On days when thunderstorms swallows
Nations just because it has the power to
You know I play my part on the stage of life
But I hope you see beyond the appearance
There is a lot to be said but I cherish stillness
Because my silence speaks the truth that
Wont ever make way to my lips so I wait for
A sign to read what your eyes have to say

6 thoughts on “Unsaid words

  1. It kind of makes a person wonder whether to speak or not. Lots of people can not or refuse to hear. Others only hear what they like. I hear you, but the intrigue for me is what the subject may be.ie world events, personal relationships,etc The gist of your gift lets it cover whatever my mind wishes to imagine. Thank you

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    1. Thanks for the feedback William 🙂 I’m either silent or terribly honest, neither of which is very liked by anybody lol.
      People are all too busy making noise to ever listen to others, mostly that is. The world deserves better.

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