Giving up

Each day feels like a battle ground
Where you fight against yourself
Past mistakes try to tackle you down
The uncertain present blinds you to
Any successful road which lies ahead
You shake your head to clear thoughts
From taking over any sanity that’s left
While self doubts tighten the noose
The temptation to give in is alluring for
You as you lay down exhausted from
Bruises life has decorated on your body
On each turning of the road to every
Bridge you have crossed alone there
Have been barriers and traps set to
Make you give up and let the hollow
Demons take over to put an end to
The perennial chase game life created
You close your eyes and try to breathe
Choking when you fail to remember the
Last time your life had gone right and
A heavy realization fills you up entirely
You’ve run out of strength and hope
To keep resisting and so you let the
Demons devour you in a timeless
Sphere waiting for the clock to stop

10 thoughts on “Giving up

      1. I do not know what your thought is about mortal death, but I do know that in anyones concept that I have corresponded with, all agree that this mortal life is the shortest time conceivable. What is one hundred years compared to an eternity? Where have we been and where do we go? It seems that many of the present have supreme advantages over the common people, but it also seems that the common people have supreme control over how humanity must strive. Some rich folk carry huge burdens and forget themselves in the effort to maintain that position. Some of the poorest look to the heavens and give thanks for another day.The others gather like sheep and simply follow the herd. Extend your voice into the world, and you will have made a difference to someone before this life stage has past and you will have helped to change the future. In the meantime you may find that you have done some herding yourself. Chin up, smile when you can, and remember right now is a very short period of time.

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      2. I love what you have just said 🙂 I generally manage life decently and yes I believe ‘here’ is temporary and oh thank the heavens for that. What a terrible life it would be to live forever surrounded by this kind. I genuinely try to be there for people and I totally understand what you’re saying, just that I’m ‘vicious’ to myself. I will definitely remember what you said 🙂

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  1.  Life be passing.
    Make you feel you vegetable nature.
    You be the grass growing.
    Why do you fret, mon.
    Some say you and me pass.
    Fuck you shit.
    You shit is what passes.
    You like you shit, mon?
    Why you squeeze and cry?
    You love one vanish?
    Love one was not you to own.

    You own, no, you wear you soul.
    You soul not inside you
    You inside soul, mon.
    Why cry when you can be the grass growing?
    You own nothing, mon.
    You be the empty space for inside the soul, mon.


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