If I could

If I could I would travel from
One book to another and watch
My favourite stories unfold in
Front of my eyes while I get drunk
On the enchanting scent of words
I would spend nights hiding in the
Most interesting chapters and observe
In delight how the characters coped
With changes and unexpected events
Of their life hoping to learn the same
I’ll pick magical words and weave
Dreams that I’ll wear before sleeping
So I’d know what it feels to wake up
With a smile and giggle with delight
I’ll crawl between paragraphs curling
Into a ball so I could hide from the world
I would sleep between blanket of words
Spilled on a pages protected from all
Harms and heart breaks that humans
So viciously cause in name of humanity
I’ll dissolve my very essence in to the
Half erased pages till I can find home

9 thoughts on “If I could

  1. So I’d know what it feels to wake up
    With a smile and giggle with delight…..loved it..I could almost imagine waking up with the feeling of peace and happiness and contentment..ah if life would give more such days..

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  2. So beautiful but *sigh* that we can’t live in those picture-perfect story books. Sometimes, I blame authors for painting fantasy with so much perfection or may be as humans, we can never be satisfied! May be, that’s I want to be a writer so I can scribble the reality down in the pages of my book so people know no matter how much a sucker we are for happy endings; mostly there is always another plan store for us (not exactly what and how we planned).

    Sometimes, I get too attached with the characters that towards the end of the book, I don’t read cause I hate that hollow feeling that the characters will be gone. Like they were once part of your world and now they are gone. Ending a book is always heartbreaking but we can always have different opinions ❤

    Always love reading your work (I don't know how many times I will repeat it but it's true so spare me lol)

    Much love,

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    1. I agree with you, the world of books is too perfect especially for our kind. I love words and for me a perfect life would be me absorbed within them. Endings generally don’t go the way we want do they? Everything falls into place au contraire real life things go as what’s needed not wanted and too much is left in hands of fate and resigning ourselves to it..

      OMG! I can totally relate, the last book I finished was 1Q84 and something happened to my favourite character and I couldn’t read the book for days till finally I gathered enough courage to go back to it. A book ending is letting go of an entire world, yes it’s heart breaking ❤

      hahah aww I don't think I can get tired of hearing that, thanks for all the love and appreciation :$

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