As the sky turned grey then black
I eagerly looked up for the rain to
Take over the earth in its charm as
A child who has a contagious smile
On his face at his first play land trip
The rain made me feel the same way
And each time, I mused to myself
The same intensity and happiness
Find its way erasing my worries albeit
Temporarily as I let the chilly winds
Sink in to my bones and petrichor
Take over my senses wrapping me
In a surreal desire for a profound
Need of dreams to find their way
As always this fresh scent leaves me
Unnerved and wanting more almost
Like a past wound which refuses to
Heal no matter how much I tend to it
Simultaneously I feel happy and sad
Knowing it soothes me and is reminder
Of freedom I leisurely take for granted
And as it dissipates into layers that
Invisibly float around me it teaches me
How fleeting is what I hold so dear

7 thoughts on “Petrichor

  1. Just when I think I have heard or seen all the words in the world, petrichor. My spellcheck does not recognize this word but it is recognized on the net. Whatever’ a perfect little word to learn and a lovely poem to learn it from! 🙂

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