Pil Sung

As your own voice drowns out
Under the noise of the world
Pushing and pulling you to
Become one of them remember
It’s okay to shut your eyes and ears

There are rare who walk this earth
Figuring their path to that one voice
Their ‘unique calling’ only they know
Listen to that distant sound and find
You weren’t meant to be just a crowd

When people pull you down to rise
Remember you’re braver and stronger
Than those who belittle to show power
For true strength lies in standing up
And facing adversaries with a smile

On days when self doubts roar inside
Know this that the world waits for you
Not everybody is meant to travel
Mountains and find solace in silence
On peaceful nights under starry skies

On nights when dreams seem far and
Future uncertain remember you aren’t
Defined by people’s inability to see you
You aren’t just bones and mere skin
You are the guardian of your universe

Stand up and look the world in the eye
Even when you stumble and fall down
Believe in yourself to dust off failure
If you still feel lost as the sun sets
Trust the words hereΒ for they never lie

Note: This one goes out to a friend πŸ™‚
For those who maybe unaware, ‘Pil Sung’ is a Korean word used in Marital Arts and roughly translates to ‘rising in face of challenges no matter how difficult’

20 thoughts on “Pil Sung

  1. I actually thought that the title meant “pill sung,” as in a medicine ‘pill’ singing. I thought maybe it was a typo, it happens. But it’s interesting that it comes from a Korean word. Interesting. You did a great job on this poem!

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