Have you ever felt madness slowly
Creeping under your skin making
A home claiming your mind eventually
As if it was always suppose to be its
It flows from one alley to another
The world around grows grayer
With each turn it seems to take
It spreads over the darkest corners
Of the mind and the coldest attics
You had kept hidden from the world
You shake your head violently hoping
To make sense why everything around
You is falling apart but there is only
Silence in the darkness inside and
Nobody is listening to your voice
As you reach out for help your eyes
tell stories of horror and fear of what
Lies ahead on the road your mind has
Chosen but nobody has the time to stop
And look into your eyes and save you
This battle you will have to fight alone
Like all the other times you have walked
Through doors of hell back and forth
But you’re tired of escaping each time
For eventually you know you will give in to
This fight and put an end to the blue line
Flowing freely without your permission

7 thoughts on “Madness

    1. There is a point where you stand at, this edge where all the choices seem wrong and you’re short of people to talk to, not sure what that land will be called. Thank-you, I shall keep writing 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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