Finding hope

Hope seems so far today
A heavy blanket of dread
Rests upon my chest and
My hands are cold and blue
As I rest them on my knees
I can see a slight tremble
Out of fear or despair I’m
Not sure what it is but I
Feel so lost in the places I
Exist in so invisibly and
Quietly like the air you fail
To feel but au-contraire not
Necessary for your survival
As fatigue settles in my heart
my eyelids get heavy under the
Burden of failures and doubts
Whispering in my ears viciously
Telling me exactly who I am
Slowly I close my eyes and
Exhale wishing the world to
Stop so I could breathe again


9 thoughts on “Finding hope

  1. I’m trying really hard not to gush but just know that reading this, I sighed when I was finished. And realized how supremely content I felt. IDK, it’s as if something in your words, the accuracy and truthfulness of them, grounded me back into my own body. I think that that is what great poetry does. Thank you. πŸ™‚

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