Just Friends

He looks at her wondering
She catches him staring
He looks away too quickly
She sighs and grumbles
He senses her annoyance
She wonders how long
He falters as he walks
She sees him and smiles
He tries to speak and stops
She bites her tongue waiting
He asks her about her work
She realizes it will be just
Another disappointing day


15 thoughts on “Just Friends

    1. It’s sad how much time people wasting in pretending and hiding. Exhausts me, really all the drama for what? And since I’m terribly blunt, I’m the forever “unfit” πŸ™‚


  1. better to be blunt and “unfit” than used…. It amazes me how someone, like the man I write about, can be so loving, sweet, caring and all of that until things aren’t what he wants them to be and then he turns into someone else, so bizarre, I can’t imagine turning love on and off. and I am thankful that I can’t, shallow existence, better to suffer pain and truly love than be like that, even though it really sucks right now!

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