Don’t settle

You’re stunning and precious
Don’t settle for mediocrity
For a few handful of those
Who failed to see your light

You’re smart and brave
Don’t settle for ordinary
Just because they mocked
Your dreams of the stars

You’re patient and generous
Don’t settle for insensitivity
As a result of someone’s
Inability to admire your heart

You’re thoughtful and kind
Don’t settle for anything less
If the world forces you to pick
The path you don’t desire

You’re imagination and words
Don’t settle for a mask that’s
Shoved upon you to play
Forgetting your real self

You’re soulful and loving
Don’t settle for people who
Will take away your essence
Leaving just a name and face

You’re different and incredible
Don’t settle for fitting in when
You’re meant to stand out
From the rest of the crowd


17 thoughts on “Don’t settle

  1. Made me sad-cry…with the realization of having done just that, settled often. And made me happy-cry, realizing my own beauty. Thank you. Damn, girl!! 😉

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  2. Wow, that was so right especially now after just writing my poem “Hypocrisy” perfect timing! I am trying so hard to believe the good things you say, it is hard having been force fed all the insults all these years and to have it happen yet again just recently, sucks. Your writing is amazing, I look forward to reading more. Thank you for reading my poem. My best to you!

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    1. Please don’t under-estimate yourself. Please don’t, I know it’s just so much easier to give in and believe what trash people throw at us in name of so called love. The damage they do at times leaves scars we have to forever live with, listen to your own voice at such times. The people who really care and hold you dear, they will always help you rise above not pull you down.
      Hope to see you around ❤

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      1. your words are so wise and true. Thank you. it is so hard to get over this stuff. I am an older person, 60, and I never thought I would still be going through this heartbreak at this age, I guess love and pain know no age limits. Your poetry is amazing and I will be reading all of it soon. Keep up the good work and again, thanks so much for the words of encouragement. I know it will get better in time, just wish time would hurry up! Namaste

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      2. Age is just a number and it has nothing to do with your feelings or your thought process or so I like to believe 🙂 Never stop feeling, ever. We need people who feel so wholly and completely, who make the world warmer, people like you ❤ and it will get better, it always does.


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