I watch the stars above me feeling
So small wondering how vastly the
Big black blanket is spread all over
us and the millions of pearls that are
Stitched on to it delicately each placed
With precision that one can only wonder
About The magic of nature all around
That I feel flowing inside me brings in a
Sense of dread and despair for there
Is so much to see and know and barely
Any time that I have in my hands to hold
All the roads I’d never get to travel along
And the bumps I won’t fall on to clumsily
The road signs that I will never learn about
Settle a sense of profound regret in me
All those tall and lofty mountains that I
Dreamed of touching and feeling one day
Would vanish into thin air like a part of my
Imagination I could never have control of
As I desire to hold and smell all the scents
That surround us and preserving it in me
My head reminds me of my finite days
That will stop me from crossing all the
Places I wanted to on the maps to galaxies
I would never be able to wrap into my arms
Layer after layers of silence is wrapped upon
Me in the darkness of night to muffle my
Thoughts and wishes till there is nothing
Left in the air except a sense of numbness


20 thoughts on “Niedosyt

  1. I enjoyed the whole poem immensely. When a poet is able to capture sadness, or regret; to *nail* it, it lets the rest of us feel like, *I know that feeling, I can totally relate to that, and This is exactly how I feel, too! * Poets and poems are gifts, no matter what the subject/topic. Because nailing it, sadness, is in itself a beautiful, wholesome, soul enriching truth/read/gift. Thank you.

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  2. Lovely. It is of course impossible to see all, and sense all, but intelligence and a little insight, let us experience vicariously the wonders of whatever we seek to know. The insight comes from folk who care to share. Thank you.

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  3. I really enjoy how you describe the vast wonder of the world. It is truly beautiful. You seem to have a bit of what they call an “existential crisis” though. Two thoughts on the conundrum of not being able to experience it all:
    1. I had a great childhood but we stayed close to home and our experience was not that varied. As a consequence, as an adult, I view any chance to travel or have new experiences as a bonus in life. I never expected to see and do all that I have (and it’s not over yet).
    2. Yes, the world is vast and we can’t experience it all, but one way we define who we are is by what we choose to experience. You don’t need to know right now what you want to see or do and honestly, your choices will likely vary over your lifetime.
    I still really like this poem – Cheers

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    1. Oh thank-you for sharing your thoughts, all guidance and perspectives are always appreciated considering my head lol. I do agree with you, life varies so much and so we also constantly change with regards to our perceptions and how we may see things from the present to perhaps later years in life.
      I guess I needed to hear that, thanks 🙂

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