Inside my head

There is a person who lives
Inside my head telling me
Stories over and over that
I want to erase from my mind
He starts by telling me about
Live Childhood nightmares
I lived through like running
In a circle with no way out
The times I was picked on
For I was the fat and quiet kid
Who was pushed and pulled
Because she had no way out
And the voice reminds me
Of how I used to hide in my
Room to shut out the screams
Hoping silently that the closer
Doors will stifle my suppressed
Sobs and if I tried even harder
I won’t hear what happened
On the other side of the door
A struggle ensues on the inside
I try to lock the past and throw
The key away to keep myself
From falling apart over and over
But giving up just as I always do
The voice cruelly laughs and
Throws another memory of time
I used to find solace in libraries
This whirlwind of thoughts wins
I hear the cracked walls crashing
A small plea barely escapes my lips
Before I’m swallowed by darkness


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