Keep Trying

Dear, try a little harder
You whisper to yourself
You have to go on with
Life struggling as giving up
Isn’t an option it never was
The battle is yours alone to
Fight and the world is yours
To win every day so close
Your eyes and say your
prayer believing in yourself
Somebody has to and you
Will need to stand on your
Own even when you crash
Dust off the scars and move
On with your life with a strong
Smile proving to all those who
Wickedly wait for you to burn out
That you are just not a quitter
You’re a fighter who has won
Battles on grounds on which
People would haveย surrendered
Even before the wars began


20 thoughts on “Keep Trying

  1. Oooooh…very nice. Beautiful. I really like the capitalization of the first letter of each line. I’ve never tried that and I think I will. Capitalizing gives it some quality I can’t put my finger on. It just reads so well that way. Maybe it’s that it adds a sense of authority…Is it okay to say that? Thank you as always ๐Ÿ™‚

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    1. I’ve no idea to be honest, just something I’ve always done automatically ๐Ÿ™‚ But yes I think I kinda agree with you there, please go ahead do give it a try too ^_^


  2. That my freind says it all completely and can relate to every word, for ok ones mask may slip now and again, but you straighten it smile and start a brand new day , take care, stay safe

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