Along the beach

I sit quietly by the sea watching the
Waves crashing against the rocks
A gentle cool breeze surrounds me
Making me feel content in that moment
The sky is the perfect grey today adding
To the serenity just as I desire it to be
Even though there are people around
I yearned to be captured perpetually
Perhaps I’ll know what peace feels like
Not carrying the world on my shoulders
I stay mesmerized by the power of sea
And a thought floats through reminding
That another week had come to an end
A thankful smile spreads on my face and
A sigh escapes my lips not believing how
Everything seemed to be just where it
Should be precisely in this instance
As if waiting for me to look up in the sky
The rain drops claim the earth just as
My eyes met those at the sky telling me
To hang on tight cause life had a lot
More to offer and take from my garden
Despite my inability to fully understand the
Message I closed my eyes devouring
The feel of cold soothing rain on my skin
Cherishing and existing as a part of nature


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