If you could see the damage
Your words inflicted on others
Trace the scars on their skin
Will you be more thoughtful?

If you could see her heart
That you left scarred when
You decided to cheat on her
Will you do it differently?

If you could read the doubts
He carries in his eyes for the
World for you fed him lies
Will you try to set things right?

If you could count her broken
Bones followed by each angry
Night you spent with her
Will you ask for forgiveness?

If you knew how your son cried
To sleep each night because he
Was never smart enough for you
Will you try to make amends?

If you could see another soul
All the beauty and sorrows
The make humans vulnerable
Will you tread more carefully?


57 thoughts on “Reflections

  1. This is a beautiful creation of yours, Barrira. I liked it very very very much (no matter how many times I put very, the intensity can not be described).
    Some people choose to never make a difference even after knowing everything — should we call them humans then?

    Kind Regards,

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  2. In reality,no life is perfect but we can bring life close to perfection if we could endeavour to take `reflections’ then make changes.
    I’m quite impressed,Barrira.Many thanks to you…& for the likes on my posts.

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  3. Very nice…I hope in each case the answer is “yes”. I think we’ve all learnt from times we’ve wronged others in some way no matter whether we meant to or not or whether we realize right away or years later. Cheers Barrira…Keep writing =)

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  4. you got me here your words are so profound words witheld and charged without thinking has caused great chaos in our midst and I feel sorry for what I did but somehow being open to our feelings leads to serenity and bliss.About the last stanza it’s affirmative i can’t hurt anyone save great inflictions on my part great wrong that I can’t accept in my anger blurted it out.I know you’re hurt sorry but I tread lightly for you …you teach me things I need to know lol “how to evolve a dinosaur ?I’ve been thinking into a lizard?’ i guess but I rather be a lizard because at 6pm they go down to kiss the ground.I am humbled like you always do.Miss you and thank you.

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    1. Aww Franz, this means a lot ❤ I was just trying to get some sense and perspective on how things go about us.
      Anger and pain are both emotions, strongly felt by humans. If you've been hurt and you've been angry, it's only you being human and I see nothing wrong with it. We all need our venting space, keeping ourselves locked up is damaging to ourselves and others too. As long as we can reflect and do the right thing, I think it's okay 🙂

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      1. thank you great poet….I was sorry afterwards that I was posting it, out of anger but it change things a bit .I made an apology realizing afterwards that many people was affected by it so, I clear things up … happy that you understand it now.I am human after all not a puppet in a string lol well, it’s good to be human and being humane at the same time.Takes time for me to change but I owe it all to you all the same .

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  5. If only every question at the end of each of your stanzas was answered in the affirmative by even a fraction of people….This world would see more smiles than tears , more affection than anguish more faith than falls . Stored me !

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  6. If only the majority of people did consider their actions and repent of the bad ones. Sadly, it’s easy to bury the pain you caused with alcohol or some other addiction. Thanks for stopping by and liking my latest post. I appreciate your poetry as well. Great work. 😉

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  7. Nicely written. So many are too busy being sure that nobody ever listens to them To notice how much their words are hurting the people who are.

    BTW thanks for taking the time to read my haiku.

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  8. Thanks for stoppy by and “Liking Love Dawns, Envelops Still.” Relatively new to blogging — although I’m much much older than you! In my “rejuvenatement” period — definitely not retirement. I’ve meandered your site — enjoying very much. Yes….in terms of this one….so many “what ifs”…..If we gathered them together, perhaps a better world would emerge! Hope you’ll stop by again….the power of words to create action, exhibit passion or remorse, affect self esteem and perception —

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