You were humans as we are
You were someone’s mother
You were someone’s child
You were  someone’s father
You were the reason of many smiles

You left without a good-bye today
Kneeling down praying for your life
In a sacred place meant to be home
You were taken away by barbarians
In name of religion they freely twist

I have nothing to offer that will fill the
Gap for those left behind in tears to
Carry the burdens of loved ones lost
But all I have is words and apologies
To let you know you aren’t alone

My religion teaches me peace and love
Those who spread darkness in name
Of paradise shall reap what they sow
I’m sorry for all who have suffered
Please believe I will stand with you

I believe in freedom of speech for all
Condemning every innocent life lost
Using words to reason as my weapon
And if raising my voice today is my sin
Willingly I shall stand and pay the price

Note: This poem is an apology note to the christian community out there.
Two explosions hit christian church today in Pakistan, as of now 14 innocent lives have been lost and 68 injured ( the condition of those injured are critical and the death toll is likely to rise).


24 thoughts on “Apology

      1. please take care of your self take time to relax and sleep ….remember you are dearly love because you have a beautiful heart .I thank God that i already gain your trust.It’s been a tough one but it’s worth it and I come to know what a wonderful person you really are.

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    1. This country was created/earned in name of rights for minorities, which we were once upon a time ourselves, unfortunately today we have failed the minorities who live with us.


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