Their Last Time

His eyes follow her every movement
As she dances with the other man
Licking his lips as her taste still lingers
I’m leaving a part of myself with you
Her last words to him after he ripped
Apart her heart by throwing her out
She was a distraction he couldn’t afford
That is exactly what he had told her
Her eyes had looked painfully hollow
Pleading to him silently to take her back
But unmoved he had closed the doors
He grimaces trying to clear his head
Wanting to ignore the voices in his head
‘You will never find another one like her’
His eyes flash in anger as the man pulls
Her closer and she twirls around with ease
The man leans closer to her and whispers
Her laughter reminds him ofΒ wind chimes
He curses under his breathe unable to
Stand the sight of her in arms of someone
He walks away slamming the door behind
You need her‘ another voice points out
A low whimper escapes his lips and
He covers his face in his hands silently
Begging his gods to help him but even
The gods seemed unhappy with him for
All the air held tonight was a silence
Unforgiving buried in her pained sobs

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