Eleutheromania: An intense and irresistible desire for freedom

Yesterday while I tried to browse through blogs here, I constantly kept getting this message across the page,”the content is prohibited for viewership from within Pakistan” and with an exasperated sigh I had to go dig the issue up only to find that for some security reasons WordPress has been temporarily banned. I was upset, confused and enraged and emotions exhaust me. They always did, I prefer being indifferent. It’s been over twelve hours and I still feel ‘wronged’. 

I’m not sure I understand how our censorship policies work here and I’m certain if I asked anybody, all I’d get is a shrug of shoulders or perhaps even a seething look from one of the oh-so-patriots, “it’s a matter of national security child, what’s wrong with you?!” so I thought I’d use whatever access I still have in my hands to TELL what’s bothering me so much for after all it’s just a site, right?

Wrong. This place isn’t just a site for me, in the few months that I have been here I have come across amazing people from across the globe, I have made friends from different countries and religions. It’s this place which defies boundaries for me, this place which states that there is nothing like the power of words and honesty that can connect people, to quote Tennessee Williams, “If the writing is honest it cannot be separated from the man who wrote it”  and I personally believe that we all leave ourselves, bit by bit, in words we write. If you look closely enough, you will find a hint of shadow of the person in the words they spill here for all to see.

What gnaws at me most is that I’m drained out by the policies and stands this country seems to have. We face a plethora of challenges, from basic human rights to national security issues, you name it and we have it. It’s depressing to see this home falling apart like the walls crumbling down around you as you watch with hopelessness and despair. What was once built on a dream has been butchered by it’s own people using the sharpest knives ensuring that the dream is shredded so badly that no one ever dares to dream again here.

This isn’t the first time they have banned a site, YouTube was banned back years ago because of the incompetence and failure of the government to be able to filter offensive content from viewing within the country, while the issue of what’s offensive and degrading for us is another debate altogether, what’s worse is that masses have to suffer for a handful of ignorant people. Again, from time to time we have had other sites (Twitter, Facebook etc) banned on the same grounds each time and now this WordPress has been banned too ‘temporarily’

My question remains though is how is this a solution to anything? Where is my freedom of speech? Why should I be denied my rights just because the higher ups want to bury the issues than resolve them? How long will we keep piling up problems instead of solving them? Of all the days today I feel eleutheromania clawing at me much more viciously than any other regular day, the irony of the situation is that today, 23rd of March, Pakistan resolution was passed, the decision that we wanted an independent country was cemented. The roots for our freedom were laid out in history today, 75 years ago. I rest my case.

56 thoughts on “Eleutheromania

  1. Oh, barrira, my friend you are in my heart now and the foolishness of fearful leaders can never take you away with censorship! You amaze me ❤️💜💚

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      1. I feel the desperation in your words just as if I could hear it. My situation is so much different than yours , I hesitate to advise. Hope and spirit has , across history, proven to change the status quo. My prayer for you is that it happens in your lifetime. williamleeone

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  2. Such crap in our world, the arrogance of others to say they should determine what you can read, say, think, do…. I am sorry for this time for you…. much love and know that no one can ever take us away from us, no matter how they try.. sending love and light to you. Michelle

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  3. Such an enlightening post and I am very *glad* that you actually took a stand to write about this!
    Happy 23rd March to you: with people like you, we can bring the difference. You are the hope in this hopeless condition for the nation.

    Kind Regards,

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      1. Trust me, you did a great job! I believe in speaking up and over the time I have realized that’s the reason why people run away from me. They are scared of my (hawt) tongue (lol)

        I hope I didn’t scare you off (lol)


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  4. Well, I know how it feels when you are restricted to not watch, write, listen, do something that you really want to do, because that might offend someone else, who will have no connection with you. The whole situation is infuriating.
    Whatever reasons they quote are mere excuses to prevent us from growing out of the shallowness of the society. But, believe me, they are failing to do that. Look around yourself. You know things they think you shouldn’t because that might offend the religion or country. Isn’t it great to see yourself among people who love to hear what you say, what you do?
    The backward minds think that such activities would affect their culture and tradition. They are COWARDS and therefore, they BAN! What else would they do? They are capable of nothing.
    Be cheerful. I hope you probably have a little world here, the same you wanted to be in. 🙂

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    1. Thanks Kritika ❤ yes, I believe in freedom for all and in all forms. I'm glad to meet you and so many like minded people here.
      Agreeed all the way! our societies are so shallow and brain washed, isn't it so exhausting to keep hating each other so much to not stop and think for a minute about right and wrong? The media and the government feeds us stories and people keep eating them up like hungry beasts. What has it turned people in to; blind minds and no individuality, such a shame.


      1. Never let the hope die. Someday people like us, who, believe in loving regardless of religion, caste or anything else will govern the country. We are doing our bit here, by sharing emotions of each other, even though, we are completely unknown to how they look like or what they do. Cheers! 🙂

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  5. It’s seriously upsetting to know our Pakistani fellows are facing such terrible “ban-it-all” sight. Whom can you blame it upon? These national level political theories go beyond my horizon. The common people like you and me have no other option but to surrender. Let’s just hope for better. Try using the proxy versions to fix your needs.
    The quote by Tennesse Williams has touched my life immensely. I have had the wonderful experience connecting with amazing bloggers all across the world. “Pakistan” especially. I actually understood the real picture of a few closer blogger friends through their honest writings. I just can’t put it in words, how liberating their poems and extracts made me feel. I was introduced to the unheard talents and entertainment of Pakistan.
    Above all, my question simply is , why can’t all of us live in peace, thinking beyond the geographical , religious, linguistic differences. I yearn for this kind of freedom.

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    1. I know Maryam, I mean can we just stop with all these ‘everyone has a hidden agenda’ theories. It’s really frustrating and depressing, you can’t even discuss issues apparently, for lack of tolerance in people. You never know, you just might piss off someone bad enough to hurt you because you dared to share your opinion.

      I’m so glad I have met so many wonderful people here, it’s amazing. I spend a big chunk of time here, more like on the go and I love it ❤ Yup, words connect us all, despite who we are, we connect at a human level so beyond the understanding of 'normal societies' and yes, that's the kind of freedom we can dream about only..so it seems.

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  6. I am really sorry to learn of this. What does it really accomplish? It does not really stop anything. It can only be disruptive. In the end, it penalizes the blameless and just fuels people’s desire to be free. Good for you letting the world know. What is it they say… “The whole world is watching” or perhaps in your case listening.

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    1. I don’t know what good does this do to anyway? The governments and the media has screwed up everything with I don’t know those stupid ‘conspiracies theories’
      Yeah, I decided to pen my voice, if nothing else words will be my weapon 🙂

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  7. Keep writing, my dear friend! You have freedom to up your voice!
    I’m so sorry for that. I do understand about some issues in your country, because I often hear from my Pakistanis friends. Hope Pakistan will be better in all parts! You are doing awesome job. That’s right, words have power! So, use this power to make the change! Peace n luv always! 💗

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  8. My guess is that most leaders, including the ones in your country, are afraid of sites like this. When people start to realize they are being denied the freedoms that other countries have they will want to revolt against the leaders. At least that’s my assumption. They want to hold onto their power. I didn’t know this was going on in your country. People in the U.S. go crazy for any little thing if its taken away from them. Oh well, if they ban it again make sure you keep a journal and keep writing.

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    1. Here, people are even deprived of basic human rights you see like shelter, food. Most of the population is and so there is little noise over internet and freedom of voice for people barely survive through days, I’m still very lucky to have a roof, a steady income and a decent life.

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  9. Preach, sister! I can totally relate to this. It’s been three years since the YouTube ban too and Pakistan stands at the same crossroad. There are too many blurred lines. Intolerance has taken it’s toll. Raising our voice seems to tedious. It tends to get lost among tirades and slogans.

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    1. I agree with you, we seem to be just going in a downward spiral, having said that we still must keep doing our part. Even when the world is out screaming non sense, the voice of reason of a few sane one must never die. Even if for the sake of others..

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