Time travel

I wish I could travel back
In time to observe what
I did wrong to push you away
That moment where you
Flinched with the thought
Of me and decided to leave
So I could perhaps try to
Make amends to myself
Was I too blunt when I told
You that I was in love with
You and wanted us together?
Was it not good enough?
Perhaps I wasn’t too pretty
For I don’t doll up like those
Girls that surrounded you
Maybe I didn’t smile like
The rest and was too boring
With my desires of galaxies
And stars and universes
While your world was too far
From mine that you never
Let me in to so now I wonder
All the time about you and my
Unanswered questions haunt
me for I was never just enough
But even in my darkest season
My soul wishes happiness for you
But still I can’t help but think if I
Ever meant something to you
Do I cross your mind in silence
Like you do mine all the time?

13 thoughts on “Time travel

  1. I loved it Barrira. You brought forward the feeling of the heartbreak; of being ignored; of the yearning to be loved by this foolishly blind person. Haven’t we all felt that absence of someone we love at some point in our life. Really great writing. Thank you so much for sharing it. Just remember that we all are loveable and there will always be an adversary that wants to steal the joy out of our life. It is the time of these trials that we find our strength and integrity of who we are and who we want to be.

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    1. Thank-you for such lovely word ❤
      Agreed, wise words 🙂 we need to be careful or the downward spiral just pulls us right in, where we keep trying for people who wouldn't care if we existed or not.

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