Dead Words

So much of what we want
Goes unsaid between empty
Spaces making the distance
Longer than it needs to be
All the “I love yous’” swallowed
Too scared of rejection we let
The aching hollowness to grow
Inside our chest locking the words
We shut off the inner voice harshly
Our hearts burdened under weight
We choke and stumble around
Never an “I’m sorry” letting our
Pride win over relationships we
Keep losing people slowly till one
Day the road mirrors a graveyard
Thank yous” squashed under feet
We drive people away without
Realizing we are digging our holes
Only to wake up one day and be
Alone and numb from the inside
With regrets and what-ifs that tear
Us up by the burdens we carry
Till we pick a pen and bleed our
Hearts away letting the dead words
Out filling the voids and aches never
Heard before to let the world glimpse
The burdens of the silenced words
Hoping someone out there will act
Differently and live fully unlike us

41 thoughts on “Dead Words

  1. It’s unfortunate that this is the reality of some lives, and yet those are the consequences of those choices. It’s sad watching people go down these paths, and then even if they do write down these feelings, they are still left unshared with the intended.

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    1. And so they become dead words, with nobody to listen to them or pay attention. Always a little too could be so much better if we all could stop trying so hard to be somebody we are not.

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      1. I just read this on the internet : Why good moments are short lived and mistakes are long lived.

        This is sad truth. This will continue until humans realize that ego is never more important than love and understanding. I hope people learn to keep pride aside and love one completely.

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  2. I was sitting here with a big boulder in my gut. But empathy has its limits. From the right perspective, everything’s actually quite good, even if it feels or looks otherwise. Everything’s going to work out just fine. Everyone will see.


  3. Down, down, down, I went last night, pain in my gut all the way. Finally, laying in bed, still in pain, I fell right through the bottom, into a soothing bath of spirit and life, and all the pain went away. Now the spirit brings me back for another dose. You are a valuable asset. Bless you!

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