You prepare one more group
For another blood party you
Want to throw in your honor
Stop! every war is not our war
Haven’t we shed enough blood?
Haven’t this madness taken enough
of our sons, brothers and fathers?
Hasn’t all this destruction raped
Our country of peace and innocence
Of kids who would rather hold guns
Than toys because they’re scared?
Stop! Every war is not our war
So are we gonna put a price tag
On ourselves for each life we are
Putting on line? What’s the profit
That you will be making this time?
How long before my home has to pay
For the wars you keep supporting
Stop! Every war is not our war
The bigger agendas against which
Human lives keep becoming mere
Numbers on your pieces of paper
In your exclusive files for how long?
Stop! Every war is not our war
Please try valuing peace for a change

Note: This is directed at the rising Yemen war and the role we might have to play as we get dragged into it.

23 thoughts on “Stop

      1. Yes it is. It is sad mostly, because you can see how the people there are suffering, without homes and water. The rich people would get away, to Canada or US or UK etc, but the poor will suffer

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    1. William, there is one thing I absolutely love doing and that is “listening to honest talks” no matter what my own situation maybe. A listening session connects people like nothing does 🙂

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  1. I have a question. For the first two times, you say it’s not “out war.” But then in the last two it says it’s not “our war.” So, I’m curious what you could mean by “out war,” but I also see that t and r are right beside each other on the keyboard. So is it a typo? But you said “out war” twice, which makes it seem intentional.

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    1. Thank-you so much for pointing that out, really sorry about the typo. It wasn’t intentional. I remember seeing the typos correcting them but I guess while posting I shared the unedited version, made the corrections now though 🙂

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