Panic Attack

Uncertainty surrounds my life
I know I must keep trying
A sudden onslaught of ropes
Seem to tie me down and I
Stand rooted on my spot as
All thoughts shatter and
Crash against each other in
My mind making the world
Spin out of control viciously
I try to stay calm but it feels
Like my lungs are on fire
And there is no way I can
Breathe anymore, I cough
Violently wrapping my arms
around myself as I fall to the
Ground and the walls start
Moving closer inch by inch
I open my mouth to scream
But I fail to form any words
Amidst of the chaos of my
Life trying to shatter me I try
To reach out to tell myself this
Isn’t real but I’ve gone too far
The walls moving in closer
I feel the ice running in my
Veins making me tremble
Just as I start wheezing, I’m
Wrapped into warm arms
“I’ve got you; you aren’t alone”
And I let myself fall deeper

Listen – II

Part II of II

Did you listen to that?
Nature is crying for help
As we try to kill its voice
The muffled sobs of trees
Echo all around while you
Cut them off with gleeful
Expressions enjoying the
Act of brutality that you
Commit without a thought
Oh, a bird just tumbled on
The ground withering as
she drowns in her own
Blood and her eyes forever
Sealed with questions that
Go unanswered as you
Throw her in the bag with
Rest of them for profits
Another gun shot and a
Deer is shot dead ‘perfect’
You pat yourself happily
The air is heavy with the
Smoke and noise of your
Huge empires and trophies
Of shiny cars screeching
Destroying all in their way
while the sea tries to fight
Protecting those to whom
it is home but alas you are
The mightiest and strongest
And once again you win
The sea bleeds tears of pain
But you unstoppable human
With insatiable hunger of
Destroying everything for your
Selfish needs and desires
Do you not listen to the cries?
The barely felt heartbeat
Choked breaths, Nature is dying

Listen – I

Part I of II

Did you listen to that?
Nature is speaking to
Us in numerous ways
The air teases us with
Secrets its carrying in
The invisible layers
That are all around us
The trees and flowers
Hum songs of delight
As the sun wraps them
With love so they bloom
The seas carry with them
Laughter of children and
Stories of love they bring
To us with each crashing
Wave that touches us
And the chirping of birds
As they fly over the sky
Effortlessly their wings
Move through the air
Creating songs of hope
The colours all around
Giving life to everything
Did you listen to that?
Heart beat.. nature is alive


Darling, does the idea of
Dying instills fear in you
But why be scared of an
Entity that was always
Meant to take over your
Life as you helplessly
Watched it grow stronger
While you got weaker
The idea of sleeping for
An infinite time has for
Certain reasons always
Appealed to me in ways
Nothing else ever did or
Perhaps like all other cold
Things that make me happy
It does too, calming my soul
I embrace it happily without
Flinching away from how
The heart will freeze and
The blood will stop in vain
As it stops hearing its music
The red and blue lines that
Carry life will then slowly
Become as empty as me
Till nothing will be left to
Feel except a shell hiding
Secrets of a life that no
Longer exists on timeline
Struggles will come to halt
As peace will find its way
That I never knew before
Out of the chaos of world
And oh darling, Plath said
Dying is an art” and so
I’m sure I will master it

In Grief

I can’t imagine the pain
You must be going though
Of losing your loved ones
As the world recklessly
Moved and threw you off
Balance while taking away
So much of what you must
Have built with love and time
The children you have lost
With innocence in their eyes
And families ripped apart
Forever without last goodbyes
Dear Nepal, please know
The world weeps with you
For your losses and damage
Know the wounds are fresh
But they will heal with time
And you will not have to go
Through this grief alone
Our hearts bleed in pain
With you all for we have
Been there and seen the
Havoc nature can play as
It losses its mind and decides
To kill a few for its hunger
We will do what we can to
Help in any possible way
As I sit here and write these
Words I feel my heart beat
Coil in horror and fear of
What it must have felt when
Your world spun out of control
I promise to do what I can
To make a difference to any
Life possible in any way I can
So I have penned some words
Down to let you know that
You aren’t alone in this battle
Of surviving this nightmare

This poem is dedicated to the people of Nepal who are going through a crisis after a 7.8 magnitude earth quake struck their country. As mentioned in the poem above, we as a country had suffered a similar destruction back in 2005, when a 7.6 magnitude of earth quake shattered Northern Pakistan and the shock was felt by near by cities as well, it killed over 75,000 people and to date 3.5 million people are displaced.

My prayers go out to the people suffering and in pain, this can be a long struggle to recover out of, if nothing else we all should remember to pray for these people and support them in whatever way we can.

Woman you can’t love

I’m the woman you can’t control
The one who challenges you
Shake you up when you’re down
The one who looks you in the eye
Questions you when you lose way
And the one you come to hate as
I won’t let you settle unless I know
You have given your very best to it
And so I will make a man out of the
Boy you are today pushing you to
Ensure you get best of the world
While you find it difficult to keep up
With me since I disturb the very
Core you have built for yourself but
You will learn to take responsibility
I’m the woman you learn to respect
Not the one you buy flowers for or
The one you have to look out for
Someone you will blindly rely on
But I’m the woman you can’t love

Who are you?

Are you a tattered page of a book
Or a book unheard of by anyone
Who are you?

Are you an ocean of secrets
Or a sea filled with rage
What defines you?

Are you a mouth full of lies
Or a honest broken heart
What’s your smile?

Are you the morning sunshine
Or are you the night owl
When do you come alive?

Are you bucket full of hope
Or are you are a lost soul
What drives you?

Are you layered up in masks
Or painfully truthful to all
Does anyone knows you?

Are you alone in a crowd
Or have few loved ones
Why do you hide?


I wish you sweet dreams
Even a sweeter reality
A world full of laughter
And days of hope to live
Nights filled with music
People who value you
Treat you with stars and
Moonlight happiness on
Your feet to swoon you
Peace be in your heart
With sun bringing light
Chocolates to add delight
To your days when down
A shoulder to cry on when
Darkness surrounds you
Loving arms to hold you
To cherish you as a gift
A reason to never give up
When life trips you down
And the days feel colder
May warmth pass through
The cracks and give you
The strength to live life

Leibster Award

Hola again!

This is my third nomination in the same month, can’t say I don’t enjoy all the love ^_^ this time the nomination came the sweetest and wise Kritika. Thank-you so much, I’m honestly moved and still getting over the shock of the nomination. Thank-you once again :), everyone reading this please pay a visit to her blog: you will not be disappointed, in fact you will feel your emotions struck by how she uses the words.


So now starting off with answering the questions:

1. Why are you here on WordPress?

I’m a very reserved person and someone who thinks too much, I would generally rant to my friends over chats and messaging about my issues with people and the world in general and randomly by a few friends I was told to start writing. While the idea at that time seemed impossible because I couldn’t believe I could write and that my friends were crazy to think I could, I was going through a phase where it became necessary to have an outlet to speak out and thus long story short I landed here.

2. Who is your favorite author/poet and why.

Sylvia Plath *hands down*, the woman is magic with words. Hell at most days I believe we should have an emotion called Sylvia Plath so when someone asks you, how are you feeling today? I can say like Sylvia Plath.

3. What will you do if you wake up one day and find yourself in an unknown city?

Initially I’ll be worried about how things changed over night but once it sinks in, I’ll move around to explore the newer life lol.

4. Your thoughts on love.

Over rated.

5. Your favorite book and one book you would recommend to me.

I can’t name one favourite book, for a book worm like me, books are the ultimate home ❤ but yes I’d recommend any of Haruki Murakami, Charles Bukowski and Vladimir Nabokov’s work. However, there are many more I love to read, this alone can be a huge topic to discuss between us 🙂

6. One sober thing you did and one crazy thing you did.

I’ll be a disappointment for you with regards to this question, I’m pretty boring and simple ALL the time 🙂

7. What is on your mind right now?

“So tired of people” exact words lol.

8. What is that one thing that keeps you going?

Mama, she is my super hero.

9. Describe the version of you which you love the most.

The one that refuses to give up even when life keeps making it fall flat on its face, this version of me refuses to give up.

10. How many mosquitoes you have killed? Just kidding.
When you look at your reflection in the mirror, what is the first question you ask to yourself?

None, mosquitoes don’t bother me so I don’t bother them, it’s an unsaid agreement ^_^
To answer the serious question, every time I see my reflection I wonder how I managed to make it so far.

Phew, finally managed to put across the answers 🙂 and I apologize if anyone fell asleep somewhere between the post xD

Moving on next, here are the rules of the Award:

– Once you are nominated, make a post thanking and linking the person who nominated you.
– Include the Liebster Award sticker in the post too.
– Nominate 10 other bloggers who you feel are worthy of this award. Let them know they have been nominated by commenting on one of their posts. You can also nominate the person who nominated you.
– Ensure all of these bloggers have less than 200 followers.
– Answer the ten questions asked to you by the person who nominated you, and make ten questions of your own for your nominees.
– Lastly, COPY these rules in the post.

So going by the rules, here are my nominations for the Award (in no particular order):

1. Michelle :
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3. Izza:
4. Will:
5. Arwen:
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Here is my set of 10 questions for you all 🙂

1. If you had to describe yourself in one word, what will it be?
2. If you could change one thing about yourself, what will you change?
3. How important is ‘encouragement from others’ for you?
4. What inspires you?
5. Your favourite quote?
6. Brutally honest or beautifully fake? And Why?
7. How important is writing to you?
8. A piece of advise for all those reading this.
9. Tell one thing to your past-self.
10. How do you express anger?

Best of luck with answering the questions and as said above, all of you have the freedom to answer or not answer these questions. However, if you do, I will love to read and know you all a little bit more 🙂 oh and once again, thank-you Kritika ❤

Versatile Blogger Award – Again!

Hi lovelies!

As if being nominated once wasn’t enough of a shock, I was nominated again on April 13, 2015 by Shambhavi for this award yet again and I was like WOW! how did I get so lucky? Firstly, my many thanks to her for nominating me for this award, this truly means a lot and secondly I apologize for taking this long to manage to reply to the nomination. I’m extremely sorry, work has been super crazy as of late and my routine has been messed up but finally here I’m 🙂

Since I have already done 7 facts and 15 nominations, anyone who wants to see the post, here is the link to it:

However, I’ll use this as an opportunity as a shout-out to Shambhavi’s blog xD please give a visit to this amazing amazing lady’s blog: She writes beautifully and her writings have a way to speak to your emotions. She is among my favourite bloggers here on wordpress, thanks once again for the nomination 🙂