One day you are best-friends
Next day you don’t know the
Person who walked away
Smile, you aren’t alone

You got married to the perfect
Person and then the clouds
Cleared leaving behind nothing
Smile, people always change

The job was all that you wanted
Then a whirlwind of problems
You were shown the door
Smile, uncertainty is life

As a kid you had big dreams
For this little wondrous world
So many dissipated with years
Smile, we all have nightmares

Life will give you the world
Then one day pull the ground
From beneath your feet
Smile, believe it will be okay

66 thoughts on “Smile

      1. ..because by virtue of being human, if we get anything freely we will never realise it’s worth 🙂 sadly, that’s how we are, anything that comes without trial we mess it up. Not how we were created but that’s who we have become today 🙂

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      2. Some people do have the gift to cherish everything that come their way without messing it up. They are the ones who will be happy whether they eat once a day or none at all. They never complain because they are too busy thanking the Lord for blessings like merely breathing.


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      3. Agreed 🙂 sadly, there are very few of that kind left now. I see more people crying “why me?” than saying “thank-you”


    1. As Barrira seems to know, wearing a simple smile often wards off peoples negative input. It works a lot for me> “so let’s just smile and walk away” I love your insight, and wish you the best! 🙂

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      1. Thanks Will ^_^ and yes too much negativity around, people are too busy trying to pull others down, lets not let them win at this 🙂


  1. I remember a long time ago dreaming about being told I had cancer and waking up in a sweat, grateful it was just a dream. When it actually happened it wasn’t that bad at all. I love this poem.

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      1. Yes it’s very draining. I’m totally ok at the moment, except trailing aches and pains that I’m learning to live with. It sure is heartbreaking to watch someone go through it, though. I feel for you.

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  2. Ugh so true. Fortunately, life just goes up and down constantly, so that’s something I encourage myself with when facing a difficult period. It’ll eventually get better again..

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  3. Wise.
    The young will not heed, “Not me!”
    Everything born rots.
    Know that.
    The arc is a frown.
    Smile at your tardy wisdom.
    What could you have done else?
    Laugh at the funeral?

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