Perpetual depression

I drink from the endless pit
Of the perpetual depression
Made from tears of silence
Two spoons of regrets and
A cup of anger buried away
With a pinch of added despair
And a tablespoon of mistakes
It tastes like cigarette smoke
And burned ashes of dreams
I feel the liquid spreading within
Burning my lungs like a fire
Envelopingย a forest claiming
Everything that stands in its way
I fall short of breaths and vision
Clouded by the smoke of past
To escape I need to stop drinking
butย as everybody else I too am
Addicted to my chosen destruction

32 thoughts on “Perpetual depression

  1. I’m not sure it is so much being “addicted to” destruction, but you think in one way for so long that ever if you recognize another viewpoint is possible, you find it is easier to think as you always have than it is to think differently. Been there, done that. =P

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  2. Sigh, we never ‘want’ the self-destruction yet we walk towards it but that’s how we learn what life is.
    You wrote it beautifully. I really enjoyed the flow of words. It was like a rhythm.
    Kind Regards,

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