Finding a reason

At the darkest corner of
The night she looks for
Answers up above and
Beyond asking her creator
The reason for which she
Has to endure suffering
Hoping that the stars will
Assemble into a structured
Design to spell out an answer
That will bring sense to this
Endless life that holds very
Little to offer to her now with
Each passing year she has
Become who she is not and
The disdain that crawls into
Her mind each night is painful
But she keeps going on for the
People who need her to survive
The answers must be right here
She desperately looks at the
Sky to tell her something that
could help make life bearable
But they offer nothing except
Silence and unease to a wavering
Heart that is frantic to find a
ReasonΒ to make life more than
Just a breathing exercise


56 thoughts on “Finding a reason

  1. Very poignant and powerful statement about depression that contains that much needed ray of hope. The answer comes, usually when one stops asking the question. It’s the time in between the asking and the answer that hurts so much.

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      1. Yes, and one must have that thread of hope. I keyed on “living for others” as that has kept me going in dark times. It isn’t often the answer we seek but it can keep us until we do get our answer. Your writing brings powerful images and emotions. I do believe we have to examine the darkness sometimes to better appreciate the light.

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      2. I completely agree with you, even when we lose sight the best there is to do is keep going on for others. Well put there, if we didn’t know darkness, how would we learn the importance of light.
        Thank-you, I always look forward to your feedback πŸ™‚

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      1. Agreed we all experience something familiar πŸ™‚
        Brilliant! another thing we have in common lol, I’m super klutz in person, I’m generally crashing into things haha ❀

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  2. Reblogged this on K'Cadences and commented:
    This poem is incredibly beautiful. How many of us feel the same way with a world that is shifting so quickly there is little time for equilibrium? I find this poet to be truly gifted. Thank you dear one for sharing. ~K

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  3. The suffering, pain, emptiness, lack of reason, death-sentence, are all gifts from the creator, to form in us a heart like his, and make us a supply of life and light to others. He’s always nearer to us, than we are to ourselves. He consoles us, resurrects us, and becomes everything in us on his schedule, not ours. Like Jesus said before going to die, “Not my will, Father, your will be done.” His will is always the very best, no matter how much it hurts. The sun comes up in the morning. The pain is temporary. The pleasure is forever. Father fill with his spirit and give everything needed to get through.

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  4. The stars do not need to align to form an answer. Their infinite strings of patterns contrast the finite state of our existence and problems. They’re pattern was the same that looked down upon countless generations, with all their issues.

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  5. “with
    Each passing year she has
    Become who she is not”
    Very relatable and probably most people’s worst nightmare, becoming somebody we never thought we could possibly be and watching our former selves grow ever distant. A wonderful and thought-provoking poem πŸ™‚

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  6. We’re all looking for a reason to live, and what you wrote was so true: “But she keeps going on for the
    People who need her to survive”

    There was such a long period of time when that’s all that kept me going..

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    1. Thank-you for the re-blog and I’m glad you could relate to the words πŸ™‚
      Pain is always real and unfortunately in many cases its pain not happiness that connects people to each other..

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    1. They are, silence is taken for arrogance or plain rudeness. Not wanting to hangout is considered un-cool and so on, we are always being judged, such is life πŸ™‚


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