This world keeps secrets
In every nook and corner
Only if we’d make time
From our busy routines
To listen to its whispers

This world holds together
Echoes of majestic mountains
And vast layers of seas
Roaring across the world
Stop and listen to them

The world glows with colors
Of endless trees and flowers
Shades of sky as a duvet
Telling infinite tales of love
Pay attention to designs

The world teaches lessons
Of never giving up in form
Of humans all around us
Each different from another
If we only had time to learn

The world speaks to us in
Rainbows and rains with
Music in the background
But we are too busy trying
To live the plastic lives


17 thoughts on “Wonders

  1. This is beautiful [as usual]! I personally think we should all take a personal retreat into nature every once in a while. There’s nothing like being faced with the smallness of your existence. Gives one a better perspective on life.


    1. It’s not always bad, for after all people like you are also part of the bigger picture πŸ™‚ for remolding I’ll need help, my social skills are pretty bad lol


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