Against Bullying

Stop pointing fingers and
Laughing at anyone slightly
Fat by your standards
Bullying is a crime!

Don’t teach your kids to
Push away anybody who
Is different from them
Bullying is cruel!

Forming group against people
On the direction they bend in
Their abilities matter most
Bullying is judgmental!

Colour isn’t a definition you
Need to spend your life with
The heart’s purity counts
Bullying is ugly!

Your religion doesn’t makes you
Superior to others in anyway if
You forget humanity in  pride
Bullying is terrifying!

Preach equality to all humans
For a world we want to leave
Behind for our generations
Bullying is unacceptable!

13 thoughts on “Against Bullying

  1. Bullying is terrible..and sadly, human nature tends to divide and separate others into categories, sometimes almost unconsciously. >.< But growing in awareness of this tendency in oneself should help, I think.

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    1. Indeed it is, also if you have ever been on the receiving end, it could be a long time before you realize you were wronged. You take all that comes thinking perhaps you deserve it till you finally learn “No! I didn’t deserve it, nobody deserves to be treated as shit” just trying to do my tinyyy part 🙂


  2. True fax. Eventually, you start believing that you deserve to be treated awfully because that’s just the way it is. Blame ourselves for other people’s cruelty. I wonder what it takes to get to the point where you believe you don’t deserve it though.


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