Favourite Mistake

She was the hope you
Starved for in the perpetual
Madness surrounding you
Consuming you completely
In silence you looked for her
Reaching out blindly calling
Out to her promising words
You never intended to keep
But she fell for them anyway
Deliberately stepped in a trap
You thought was smartly set
But she played along with you
Smiling to herself and you kept
Wondering what kept her happy
Never knowing that the reason
She did it all gladly was you
While it was a dark hunger you
Felt when you thought of her
She was your temporary thing
You were her favorite mistake


28 thoughts on “Favourite Mistake

    1. My initial thought was to not reply to this but…I changed my mind.

      I’m sorry that you feel this way, I’m not a writer just someone who likes to write. Perhaps you could have tried constructive criticism instead of cursing.

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      1. I just felt it sounded towards the end like the one person give up while the other person is still oddly in it, while the person who was originally in it was only treating her like a temporary object instead of how women deserve to be treated. I tend to avoid long drawn out criticisms… Perhaps i should have just said lame example to full of typical male narcissism of promising women things you don’t want to really keep just to get some ass. And in all honesty I’ll just say that sometimes people curse it’s not a big deal frankly I’m not sure pointing out every little flaw in this would have seemed any less honest then two simple words. that basically sum up what i think about the state of my fellow men’s behavior but hey be my guest be upset that i cursed about it. frankly it’s just how i roll.


  1. I really liked how you build the scene, increasing the tension until the last two lines which say so much more than what the words alone convey. Beautifully done. πŸ™‚

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  2. boy, my man should read that… he is my favorite mistake… you would think that when you are as old as me, 60, that all that stuff would be behind you, but it isn’t, I don’t feel any different in love now than I did as a young woman, in fact, I think it is more intense now… love to you my friend, and thank you for that poem, very well done, you are a love. Michelle

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    1. We leave nothing behind, I’m a strong believer of that. Perhaps we get better at dealing/hiding the pain but we carry things, they just don’t go away. So I can understand what you’re saying.
      Someday he will realize what he lost, stay strong Michelle
      Love ❀


    1. I guess we all make choices sometimes forced by circumstances and sometimes just because we don’t know what to do with what we have πŸ™‚ life is funny-sad that way.
      Thanks Chris ❀

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  3. You have written it really well.
    Let me tell you Barrira, that you are one of those writers who depicts situations and emotions that are felt by majority of the people in an unique way. The formation of sentences, choice of words, they are amazing.
    Love ❀

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