The dying voice

The silence unnerves me
The inner voice I can’t hear
So exhausted dealing with
Blanket of disappointments
Choking me under its layers
Trying to keep up with waves
Of failures that crash against
My heart beating it down as
The bruised ribs protest buried
Underneath marks of past regrets
While I desperately try to wake
The voice up for it cannot die
Even when life crumbles down
I need to shake it up to get my
self preservation breathing again
Which I feel slipping away but
I can’t let anything get the best
Of me cause I haven’t come all
This way to give up just because
Someone fails to see me as a
Human rather a punching bag
They can play with as desired
Misunderstanding the silence
Echoing around as my weakness


20 thoughts on “The dying voice

  1. In a word….Very Profound”
    “Misunderstanding the silence….echoing around as my weakness”…such a truth, that everyone once or a while faces this “silence” interpreted as “weakness” And am surprised how people often mistake the hidden strength behind being silent 🙂
    So loved this one

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  2. I literally just said; “Ooh, that’s good,” after I finished reading. NICE work. Btw, are you using a certain poetic style? As in haiku or something like that? Pardon my ignorance! Either way, they make me feel something 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

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