There is strength in waking up
Each morning giving it a chance
Not when you choose to hate the
World for tearing you apart endlessly

There is strength in loving after
Having your hear broken to pieces
Not when you close your heart to
The loved ones for mistakes of a few

There is strength in accepting your
Mistakes that might hurt others
Not when you deny turning away
Refusing to take responsibility

There is strength in going on when
You lower your child in the coffin
Not when you drift away with her
Forgetting many who need you

There is strength in living this life
Even when all purpose seems lost
Not when you stop trying to reason
Turning your life into passing days

37 thoughts on “Strength

  1. There is strength in going on. Sometimes I hope we endure the purposeless days in order to reach those filled with meaning. It better work that way πŸ˜€
    Did you ever read Kipling’s “If” . I think you would like it. You just have to get over the sexist last line “then you will be a man” and mentally replace it with “then you will be a mature, responsible adult.” Cheers

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  2. Amazing — strength is something that we all have but might not even know ourselves. Life shows us our true strength. It’s all about time we know how well we are at things.
    Beautifully written and loved the last stanza!!


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  3. I think this is one of my favorites of yours. It’s definitely true, and yet I can sense that it’s written from the perspective of one who has had to be strong in these very difficult ways. That gives it so much more weight than hearing it from someone who is throwing it out as just another inspirational saying but doesn’t really understand what it means. Thanks for sharing =) Stay strong

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  4. I absolutely love this. I think experiencing pain and surviving turbulent times really has redefined the meaning of strength in my life. Keep writing, and stay strong! You’re amazing!

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