Readin a book

The pleasure of reading a book
After a long exhaustive day
Leaves an impact of calmness
As being in the arms of a lover
The desire to lose myself in it
As I gently touch the corner of
the pages holding stories of
Worlds beyond I can ever imagine
A playful shine rests in my eyes
As I step in to the world of words
And let the sensation of sentences
Carved with commas and full stops
Excite the inner child within me
Reminding me that life’s miracles
Exist at all places if only we’d see
With open minds and beating hearts
All wonders live within these pages
Making me feel like I found home
And my favourite characters become
A part of my life delicately connected
To me as I laugh and cry with them
In moments we breathe together on
The pages decorated beautifully with
Words taking my breathe away slowly
And I fall in love gladly over and over
Holding my world close to myself

43 thoughts on “Readin a book

  1. You described that feeling of reading a book and becoming a part of that world so beautifully.
    I just give in to the world in there and that’s why I have quite a lot of issues towards the ending of the book. I just don’t like ends especially when I have come so close to the characters and the plot. It feels like we have been a part of their journey or the other wha around (I am not sure if I am making sense lol)

    Much love,

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    1. Yeah, agreed. In one of my favourite books, the author kills of my favourite character and I was like oh no oh no, I actually almost cried lol. So yes, the connections can move us terribly.
      You make complete sense to me 🙂

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  2. I love books!!! If only I could devour them in one sitting, no interruptions…. But that’s not going to happen, so I enjoy the short time each night when I try to read my book, not just all my reader posts!!!!

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  3. Reblogged this on The Bibulous Bibliobiuli and commented:
    Is there any ‘type’ when it comes to book lovers. Some of us may like science fiction, some like to read classics, and some love to read horror fiction. However, we all love reading. Isn’t it? Books are our passion and we constantly try to figure where we can squeeze in some reading time. Here is a wonderful post ‘on reading’ from one of my wonderful fellow blogger. It beautifully resonates the feeling of a book lover. So, enjoy!


  4. Ahh, there were days when I could just sit with a book – any book – and not get up for hours! 😀 I could still do that, though I’d probably feel out of sync with the world when I get up. 😛

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