In rememberance

I remember you even now
As clear as the sky above today
Our late night conversations
Giggling out loud as you tickled me
The shine in your eyes when you
Had to share some exciting news
How you hated sharing your food
Your silence when you got upset
And the ways you made me laugh
The late night movies with pop corns
Getting tired and falling asleep in
Your arms that I loved so much
The way your fingers found my
Favourite spots taking me places
Still so vividly painted in memories
I cherish and hold close to myself
A regretful sigh escapes my lips
As your thoughts rage inside me
My mind makes me feel so alone
But I know you’re happy there
So I know I will learn to live again
For your sake,Β  I will have to

35 thoughts on “In rememberance

  1. This was so lovely and heart-touching, Barrira! No remembrance or tribute could be more beautiful than this one! I was reading the whole poem with a smile but the last line stopped my heart for a moment. “For your sake I’ll have to learn to live”. I am really short of words to describe this masterpiece πŸ™‚

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  2. wow ! great post 4 years already? *sigh* hope everything’s will turn out right for both of you because I love you both. I read her post and understand fully well… best regards!
    lots of love’

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