Being lost

Walking an infinite road
With no end in near sight
Losing hope by the day
Road full of bumps and falls
So long now without a break
Wondering if there will ever
Be any relief from this battle
Against time I float like a
Nobody who has no idea how
To fix things gone so wrong
The darkness surrounds telling
Stories of horror and despair
Created by faults in this life
Choices that are nightmares
And people who are strangers
Being someone not understood
Who has tried and failed in her
Eyes that hold stories untold
And heart that desires escape
From the prison of life showing
That nothing seems to go right
In the ocean of blue misfortunes
Being Lost and sinking down
AsΒ a dead weight with no way out

35 thoughts on “Being lost

  1. Arrrr, me honey.
    Lost in the Blue Ocean, are ye?
    On land they says “Lost? Stay put, pray”, can ye just make it a home after too long?
    Arrr, the Blue Ocean. Do ye drift? Do ye blow with the winds? Do ye set yer own course and die rowing?
    Who can walk on water?

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  2. “Nobody who has no idea how, To fix things gone so wrong”- I can identify with that, at times…and the only thing that makes it worse is when people ask what you want to fix it. You want to say “If I knew, I’d be doing it”, right. It is difficult until you find that way out, but don’t lose hope, my friend. Cheers.

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      1. It makes perfect sense πŸ™‚ It is never necessary to pretend as if unaffected. The phoenix shows its enchanting beauty only after dying, taking a break and then coming back to the surface again. πŸ™‚

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  3. I have felt exactly this way, although I was never able to put it so eloquently.

    It seems to me that we get in this kind of state when we focus on all we do not want. It overwhelms us.

    Recently I had a chance to do something I strongly wanted to do. But I must have had hidden expectations. I have been strained, stressed, ever since. Even angry.

    But for me I saw that these feelings were coming from saying things like, “I take care of everyone and what do I get? I get nothing!”, “Nobody cares about me!” etc. Also when I think about all that I wanted which did not happen, or all that has happened I did not want.

    That stuff, that way of thinking, just throws me right down in the swamp. I will stay stuck there as long as I keep on thinking about the swamp, not the delicious green grass and solid ground all around it.

    You get what I am saying? You know what you do not want. Whatever caused you to write this shows that. Now what do you want? Can you focus on that, envision that, write a poem about that? See if you can, and see how that makes you feel. It should pull you right out of that muck.

    I will be doing very much the same. Gonna wallow here for a little while, enjoy the pull of these familiar, dark emotions. But eventually I will crawl out. Because I will never have the life experience I came here for while I am in this swamp!

    Feel what you feel, and when you are ready, pull yourself out. Think about what you want, devote all your energy to that. Your writing can either be a cage or the strength you need to pull yourself up. The choice is yours.

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    1. First thing, wow thank-you for such a detailed reply. I’m moved by your response and capacity to share πŸ™‚

      I will try to focus on where I want to be and write something about that too, hopefully soon. I agree with you and completely understand where you’re coming from. It becomes truly necessary to wallow, be down in the dark but one must come out for there is nothing down there for any one of us except absolute darkness and endless void.

      Be strong, yeah. We got to be strong.

      Much love


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