Who are you?

Are you a tattered page of a book
Or a book unheard of by anyone
Who are you?

Are you an ocean of secrets
Or a sea filled with rage
What defines you?

Are you a mouth full of lies
Or a honest broken heart
What’s your smile?

Are you the morning sunshine
Or are you the night owl
When do you come alive?

Are you bucket full of hope
Or are you are a lost soul
What drives you?

Are you layered up in masks
Or painfully truthful to all
Does anyone knows you?

Are you alone in a crowd
Or have few loved ones
Why do you hide?


41 thoughts on “Who are you?

  1. “Does anyone knows you?” Spelling error.

    Well done, B! The formatting really makes it great. I thought it was interesting how, for the questions, they weren’t exact opposite sides of the coin.

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  2. The book unheard, the raging sea, the broken heart, the lost soul, the lonely owl, the layered mask, the demon alone.
    Liked the words so I thought I’d give my answers, not that you were actually asking. πŸ™‚

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      1. Comfort is a state of mind. If I write the answers I will be forced to reread the questions but will never forget them. Having already answered the questions in my head and forgotten the exact answers[ though the gist of them still exist] my energy level and short term memory will determine what I ultimately do! Thank you for the brain teaser B. πŸ˜‰


      1. nothing ….I’m just too emotional you know family problem and the likes I cried a lot and somehow need some laughter. Eye will not cry I don’t really know him but I’ve read his blogs and come to realized he is a good man with a nervousness around him among women and he knows the heart’s of women more than they really know themselves and he has a beautiful voice.Maybe, he was into a band or not and his voice reminds me of someone their cooking into a project which will become very lucrative in the end . I love their ideas of ” the law of attraction” I don’t really know him personally.I think he is a christian with great humanitarian heart by looking into his blogs . A classic person.


    1. Whoa! this made me feel better about myself lol yes such self esteem issues πŸ˜› but yes, thank-you really. Words help me keep sane and I’m glad they can help others, whatever little they can πŸ™‚

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