Darling, does the idea of
Dying instills fear in you
But why be scared of an
Entity that was always
Meant to take over your
Life as you helplessly
Watched it grow stronger
While you got weaker
The idea of sleeping for
An infinite time has for
Certain reasons always
Appealed to me in ways
Nothing else ever did or
Perhaps like all other cold
Things that make me happy
It does too, calming my soul
I embrace it happily without
Flinching away from how
The heart will freeze and
The blood will stop in vain
As it stops hearing its music
The red and blue lines that
Carry life will then slowly
Become as empty as me
Till nothing will be left to
Feel except a shell hiding
Secrets of a life that no
Longer exists on timeline
Struggles will come to halt
As peace will find its way
That I never knew before
Out of the chaos of world
And oh darling, Plath said
Dying is an art” and so
I’m sure I will master it


39 thoughts on “Dying

  1. A deep sleep gives way to an eternity of an enduring soul – there’s someone in heaven to watch out for us. To give us strength, to encourage our belief in our self And our ability to ‘sing’ again x

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  2. I definitely love “dying as an art” and being the master of your own death, probably because we seek the control in choosing our own death. Easier to accept.

    Definitely a chilling peace for those, like me, that aren’t as accepting of death. Keep up the good work 🙂

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    1. Meg ❤
      For some reason, dying has never scared me. I'm not sure why, but it hasn't well at-least the idea of it, I mean I don't know when it happens I might actually be just as scared lol.

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  3. I am enjoying your poems, and especially like this one. Thanks for liking what I posted today: it led me to your work.

    I understand that thoughts of death can interfere with life, and thus are included as indicators of depression. However, the way that you describe them may enhance life: it enlivens one’s spirit to see death as part of all, not the end.

    I will continue the idea that Naima posed above: if death is freedom, then accepting death as art might be a vaccination against depression being a disease.

    Happy Mental Health Month 🙂

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    1. Thank-you for visiting and deciding to stick around ^_^
      And yes, why run from something that’s bound to happen some day 🙂 Must keep fighting the demons and moving on.
      Much love

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