Panic Attack

Uncertainty surrounds my life
I know I must keep trying
A sudden onslaught of ropes
Seem to tie me down and I
Stand rooted on my spot as
All thoughts shatter and
Crash against each other in
My mind making the world
Spin out of control viciously
I try to stay calm but it feels
Like my lungs are on fire
And there is no way I can
Breathe anymore, I cough
Violently wrapping my arms
around myself as I fall to the
Ground and the walls start
Moving closer inch by inch
I open my mouth to scream
But I fail to form any words
Amidst of the chaos of my
Life trying to shatter me I try
To reach out to tell myself this
Isn’t real but I’ve gone too far
The walls moving in closer
I feel the ice running in my
Veins making me tremble
Just as I start wheezing, I’m
Wrapped into warm arms
“I’ve got you; you aren’t alone”
And I let myself fall deeper

51 thoughts on “Panic Attack

  1. Panic attacks are real. You mist desctibed how I felt the first timr I had to speak on fromt of a large group. The only thing that saved me eaz I had prepared long and hard mu audiece was kind otherwise I woilf have fainted.

    Regards and goodwill blogging

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    1. Masterpieces? I generally write very raw words, there is very little editing done. Please, that’s too huge of a compliment :$ but many thank, Prateek. So good to have you back πŸ™‚

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    1. Thanks πŸ™‚ Writings should be precise and to the point, especially if it’s done virtually. I feel that way, cause I have difficulty reading too long reads online but not if I have a hard copy of the same.

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  2. That fall. Waoh!! Sometimes even when things are not fine, they are somewhere connected to something good thats going to happen. We should actually appreciate the way it is. As beautiful as you Barriraβ™₯

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    1. Lovely comment Ayushi ❀
      Yes with every stumble there is help in someway or another, we just need to see with open minds and heart. Life isn't that bad πŸ™‚
      Love & Hugs

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  3. Uff the last line. When I started reading, I was like please make the ending a good one and here you know what you did it..Great day B πŸ™‚


  4. Your emotions of Panic Attacks, is what I go through too. I am glad you spoke out about it. Sometimes, I find that the world does not know what those with Panic Attacks really go through/

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    1. That’s exactly what I wanted to do and I’m glad you could relate to it. More people need to be made aware of the living nightmare so many people suffer from behind locked doors of their minds.

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  5. sorry, if at the last minute I’ve become a monster when you said that can I sold my soul…. O f course , The moment you gave in to evil thoughts or desires your soul is sold already …. the hardest part you know what it is? when a piece of glass is shattered like our soul it’s easier to create them than to put them back together. Do you think ,I was not hurting? Do you think that my heart is made of plastic? I’m not a machine. I’m totally beaten and broken over and over again. And I can’t go back to the way I was … my soul is eternally tainted by that one mistake. Because, I love someone more than my soul it’s heart breaking right?can you put them back together again? I’m totally shattered to powder. Then, this challenge got into my bones , shocked to the core it’s too late for me to realize that I was in for a very big surprise of my life. We are like harlots prized to get to the top. Can I sold and honor for that? the sirens ? posting naked n public my reputation tainted because of money? a race horse? What is greater pain that that? people looked down on as our secrets revealed. It’s my choice and it’s my first time and I was totally naive . I can’t decide because, I can’t sell my dignity for money. Hope you can understand, nor sell myself for pleasure. If others can do that well, I don’t and will not ,even I have money to bet.If, I bare my soul to one man with whom I love… I did it because I love .


    1. Heyyy, that sound like a difficult time to be dealing with. Having said that, sometimes we don’t need advice or solutions, we just need a pair of ears. mine are always available, wherever πŸ™‚

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