She Still Remembers

She still remembers
His first birthday party
Which they celebrated
How he had fallen and
Was rushed to hospital

She still remembers
How despite his illness
He kept smiling and
Was at top of the class
Winning every battle

She still remembers
His laughter echoing
As he ran around the
House, his footsteps
Beating on the floor

She still remembers
The countless nights
They lost sleep as
The doctors tried to
Save their son’s life

She still remembers
Each day of the five
Years they spent with
Him in fear of time
Any moment being last

She still remembers
How he smiled one
Last time before he
Closed his eyes in
Her arms forever

She still remembers
Unable to move on
Everyday she leaves
A white rose on his
Grave, his favorite’s

The Tragedy Queen

She traces her reflection
In the mirror gingerly
Wondering where did all
The years pass by and
All there is now left is a
Wrinkled face that holds
Stories of hope and despair
Of sadness and regrets
Of desires unfulfilled and
A part of her wishes for a
Time machine to fix things
She quietly laughs shaking
Her head at her shallow
Wishes of a perfect life
Her eyes look back at her
Numbly and a hint of pity
Telling her it was okay to
Let go of dreams sometime
A scar runs deep down her
Cheek making her wince
Remembering how she was
Brutally attacked that night
Never again was she same
Becoming the joke for others
‘Witch’ they called out and
Laughed at her miseries
She silently cried at nights
Smashing the mirrors and
Her demons with them to
Forget the one night which
Changed her life forever but
She learned to laugh at her
Own self and made jokes
About her face to survive
She smiles in the mirror
Again as memories of her
Famous ‘show’ assault her
Thoughts inside her mind
A hidden face and jokes
About herself, she became
An instant hit in the town
The tragedy queen’ who
Never gave up on her life

Saying Goodbye

Sometimes it is for the best
When people need to leave
For their time is up and their
Clocks have stopped ticking
We have to let go even when
We want to do nothing but
Hold on to their hands not
Wanting them to disappear
For forcing their hearts to
Keep beating may cause pain
Such goodbyes run deep and
Painfully in our memories
Those we wish to hold on to
Yet let go of the scars etched
Being in a storm and hoping
It wont end cause when it’s
Over and winds settle, all that’s
Left behind is nothingness in
The air that weighs down on
Your heart like a demon

The World Speaks

I see you walking over me
Like you brought me into
Existence, blinded by ego
Every step that you take
Is loaded with mistakes
One after another, your
Blindness doesn’t lets you
See the destruction you
Have done to my soul
Destroying my beauties
To satisfy your hunger for
Money and power that
Perpetually goes on till
Your last breath of this life
So much of hatred burns
This world and it bleeds
Dying a little every day
But you see none of this
My breaths are shallow
And my strength is gone
My nature is going haywire
I try to maintain my strength
But your vicious human race
Will not stop till it has pulled
My plug once and for all
Forgetting that without me
You cannot last long here


It’s one of those days again
The battle in the sky is about
To begin, the vibrating music
And howling winds seem to
Be making all the windows
And doors slam against each
Other as if screaming in fear
The gods roar and sky bursts
The battle of gods has started
As people watch in silence
Hidden in their houses under
The blankets, the sky is taken
Into shades of gray and black
Angry clouds crashing into
One another causing lights to
Lit up the sky like fire erupting
Drowning the town in white
The black cat scurries away
Running for her life scared of
The flash that destroyed its
Home with a blink of an eye
Another angry crackle by god
And a crash rattles the ground
The world looks ragged and torn
Drenched with fear but there is
An impending doom is in the air
The town holds its breath in terror
Praying for the storm to pass

My Fluffy Friend

I feel it swoosh its tail on
My face and I mutter, half
Asleep trying to push it
away but it continues to
Irritate me till I open my
eyes and let her know that
My sleep has gone away
Little ball of fluff wakes me
Up each morning this way
Purring and snuggling closer
Making me smile, I pet her
And she meows wanting
To be pampered more like a
Spoiled little brat that she is
Refusing to go away till I agree
To feed and play with her as
Long as she wants the games
To go on but I like having her
Boss me around and so I do
Exactly which she asks for
Making us both really happy
As I hold her in my arms and
Feel her warmth and big brown
Eyes looking at me, I sense my
Worries dissipating in my mind
Like a long distant memory
So each day I leave with a smile
And she stands near the door
Watching me leave as if she
Means to say “see you soon”


The clock loudly ticks away
Never stopping for anyone
There is gray cloud inside
The thoughts run frantically
Like people running for their
Lives caught in a war ground
A haywire situation where
Nothing makes sense inside
All I see is shades of black
Feels like having to breathe
Underwater and wanting it to
End but you keep struggling
Neither dying nor surviving
Stuck in the middle of nowhere
The future looks bleak while
The past looks like a mistake
The present seems distant
Being an alien to your own-self
Watching your life take turns
As it pleases to do so even when
You have no idea the road just
Might end up in a crash cause
There is no end in sight and the
Breaks seem to have failed so
You keep watching the clock
Ticking away as you lose your
Ability to keep up with what’s real
And what’s just inside your head

Sisterhood of the World Blogger Award

sisterhoodoftheworld_zps04ae03d0Hey all!

The awards just never stop or more like the love never just stops pouring in here :), Kirsty has yet again nominated me for another award and this time it’s super special xD why? Because it’s the “Sisterhood of the World Blogger Award” ❤
To be part of a global writing sisterhood community, can’t ask for more than that 🙂 Thank-you so much Kirsty, for all the love and kind words you keep sending my way. You never fail to make me smile 🙂

As always, let’s begin with the rules of the award:

  • Thank the giver and link their blog to your post.
  • Answer the 10 questions given to you.
  • Pass the award on to 7 other bloggers of their choice and let them know that they have been nominated.
  • Include the logo of the award in a post or on your blog

Answering my questions

1. Is there something you have tried, but will never try again?

Honestly, can’t think of anything that was so regretful that I decided to never go near it again 🙂

2. Do you have a quirky habit?

Yes, I like collecting weird masks and gas masks picture, I also have a peculiar interest in surrealism.

3. What is your favourite memory as a child?

I was always a-lot in to sports but as I have grown older, I barely have anytime to do that any more. All the memories involving playing any sort of game from cricket to football to throwball, well all are my favourite 🙂

4.Who is your best friend? NOT lover/partner.

I have a very small social circle, among them a few very close friends but I can’t pick one person and say, “this is it” 🙂 I’m weird like that.

5. What would your dream date be?

That’s probably the most difficult question for me considering I’m a million miles away from romance but well a casual talk about books over coffee/tea, basically allowing me to be truly myself. Yes, I don’t want any flowers or grand gestures lol.

6. What is the worst thing about dating?

Not an expert on this so I’ll broaden the question a little (I apologise), I think the worst thing about any relationships that comes between two people is a set of expectations they build without ever communicating and then things start falling apart.

7, What is one movie that has influenced your life?

None 🙂

8. Would you change anything about yourself?

Yes, I wish I could say ‘No’ to people, that’s one thing I still haven’t learned.

9. Who is your favourite celebrity?

Hugh Laurie

10 .What was your most embarrassing moment?

I can’t quote any specific moment but I’m generally awkward and just embarrassed in social gathering and can’t make proper conversations.

Now my nominations

1. Naima
2. Kri
3. Shambhavi
4. Vishakha (As promised, I hope this helps 🙂 )
5. Geet
6. Mani
7. Blondeusk

And here is the list of my questions for my lovely ladies:

1. On the bad days, how do you cheer yourself up?
2. Which is your favourite food?
3. How do you let go?
4. How much do you value ‘silence’?
5. Will you hurt someone intentionally or lie to make them feel better?
6. Do you have faith in humanity? why or why not?
7. One thing you really wish could come true?
8. If you had to sum up your life in 10 or less words, what would they be?
9. How do you express anger?
10. What is the one thing that will turn you completely off about a person?

Thank-you Kirsty again for this ❤ and for the nominations, I look forward to seeing your answers lovelies, as always there is no compulsion, anybody who is not up for answering, doesn’t have to do so 🙂

For The Love of Art

Art resides within each on of us
It is the calling you can’t ignore
That one voice that pushes you
Towards what you desire most
Achingly with a fire that refuses
To ever burn out inside of you
It is what makes you stand out
From how you may sing to write
Or the way your eyes light up
Playing your favourite instrument
How your hands move sketching
Perfection on papers and canvases
Or maybe it is when you travel
Places with your loved characters
It is the unique calling for everyone
That one thing which makes us
All different yet connects together
Seeing the art in each-other’s eyes
Appreciating when we see the
Efforts each individual makes to be
Honestly happy in being them-self
We must respect and encourage
All to never let their fire burn out
For the love of art and need to stay
Real in this world which is turning
Artificial by the day, lets never stop
Fighting to keep our voice alive

The reason

When life throws you off balance
Remember, you are brave enough
To deal with the horror coming
Your way, just know that giving up
Is not an option for you were made
To do something bigger in this  life
To accept defeat is the easiest path
To stand up and look the world in
The eyes again takes real strength
And you were always a warrior, love
And people like you fight till the last
Drop of blood in them is left and
Never give up, for without you the
world will a few shades darker with
The grays winning over the white
Smiles replaced by heavy hearts so
You must fight as people have faith
In your abilities and strength to win
Against all odds, you were always
The reason the world meant more