Unapologetically Herself

She is honest to her very last
Drop of blood flowing within her
She speaks with brutal honesty
She makes you wince and cringe
For who wants to hear the truth?
But she is the first person you turn
To for advice because she will laugh
At you and tell you how silly you are
Then without any hidden agendas
Show you the right direction to go in
She is being who she is, as always
Herself, unapologeticallyΒ herself

She curses like a sailor when angry
And laughs like an idiot when happy
But invisibly quiet when in a crowd
And you wonder who she really is?
There is nothing refined or cultured
Lady like, that’s the word ‘they’ use
Wanting to get closer and being wary
Rarely do you come across someone
So comfortable in their own skin
It unnerves you, not second guessing
She knows and secretly smiles giving
The space and time needed quietly
She is being who she is, as always
Herself, unapologetically herself


61 thoughts on “Unapologetically Herself

    1. I’m so glad to see so many wonderful women here who can relate to this, I thought I was alone being so un-lady like xD
      And oh my, that’s quiet a compliment. I’m honored, thank-you ❀


    1. Franz, I’m really sorry about the pain you’re going though but no matter what it is. I know you are strong and have the strength to see it through. Hang in there and be strong, this will pass.
      The best thing about time is, it never stops
      Much love & Hugs

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    1. Thanks Naima ❀
      I've been called rude and terrible and stuff haha all in the name of love but people who learn to sit through it, stick around since I only have one face and two lol.
      Much love

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      1. Ode to Barrira, You should see her, Spreading her wisdom across the net! Never lies even if it hurts, open eyes have seen the worst, open ears, she hears your pain, then erases the page with her smile again! [ I tried] πŸ˜‰ B

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  1. Sounds a little like me and a LOT like my mother. She will be 70 in December and such a strong lady who taught my sister and I much as she traveled the globe with us, beginning when I was 4 and my sister 6 weeks. From Alabama to Beirut, Lebanon for Christmas. Brave, strong, beautiful, unapologetic…my Mama.

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  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE! I’m so biased because I relate to this so much, every part. And I love those things about myself, there is nothing to feel bad about. If your muse takes you down a path like this again, I would be excited.

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